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Zardozi – A Royal Metal Embroidery Of Lucknow

Zardozi is the beautiful and exclusive embroidery of Lucknow which travels from Persia to India. The literal translation of this finest artwork is “ZAR” means gold & “DOZI” means embroidery. This is an exclusive artwork of Lucknow which involves metallic bound threads to sew the embellishments on different types of fabric. With respect to beauty, the journey of Zardozi embroidery is as interesting and unique

Zardozi embroidery was started in…

This style of embroidery was earliest mentioned in Vedic literature like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. Initially, the original process named as “kalabatun” used silk threads wrapped in real Silver & Gold wires which were used to decorate velvet and satin fabrics. With respect to the threads beads, precious semi-stones & pearl were also embellished on the fabric.

In the royal era, Mughals used this style of embroidery to adorn tent walls in the form of tapestries and wall hangings, as well as on accessories for elephants and horses. Later Lucknow became the core hub during the ruling period of Aurangzeb in the 12th century. Later as the prices of gold & silver material increases, artisans started using synthetic threads and copper wire polished.

The making process of Zardozi involves…

The process of doing zardozi embroidery starts with the craftsmen sitting around the Adda(the wooden framework with their tools).Tools include curved hooks, Salma pieces (gold wires), sitaaras (metal stars) round-sequins, glass & plastic beads, dabkaa (thread) and Kasab (thread). The second step involves the tracing of design on the fabric. After that, the fabric stretched over the wooden frame. Then through a needle, each zardozi element is pulled out and integrated into the basic design.

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Zardozi is the delicate embroidery which involves experienced craftsmanship. This embroidery can be seen on exclusive designer sarees and are sometimes high in cost. But this artwork is a fine piece of which can mesmerize your look in a royal glance.

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