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What Makes Tanjore Painting Exclusive?

The beauty of Tanjore painting includes its rich culture, its exclusivity and many more. Southern part of India is rich in artistic culture, and one of its amazing part is Tanjore Panting which also known as Thanjavur. It is a classical South Indian style painting which was inaugurated from the town Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu.

Although there so many arts which are special in their own ways, but the most unique thing about Tanjore painting is its storytelling art.Paintings are  used to depict the visual counterpoint in narration in every region of India. Not only its visual impacts, but there are also many more things which makes it an interesting piece of art.

Tanjore Painting has its own unique story…

It one of the oldest art forms of India. It was devised during the 16th century, under the sovereignty of the Cholas. The theme of tanjore paintings is based on sacred God & Goddess. When talking about Thanjavur paintings it can also be described as religious paintings with a royal heritage. The themes of these paintings are fundamentally mythological.

The exclusivity creates its own magic…

Decorating the ambiance with these paintings give a classy different look to your home. These religious paintings showcase that, spirituality is the essence of creative work. Thanjavur painting not only looks beautiful but also gives sacred vibes.

The characteristics of the Tanjore paintings are their brilliant color schemes, decorative jewellery with stones and cut glasses and remarkable gold leaf work. This is one of the reasons why these paintings are exclusive.

 The center of attraction…

The beautiful use of gold leaf and precious and semi-precious stones gives a splendid visual treat. Because of its glossy golden color, it gives a dramatic appeal to your boring walls. The golden work of this painting will go great with both light and dark colored wall. The dual tone of Thanjavur paintings makes it easily bendable with all styles of Décor.

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