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What Makes Navratri An Eternal Festival Of India

India is a land of festivals. This is the place where different –different religions celebrate festivals with great joy and enthusiasm. And one of those colorful festivals is Navratri. In India, this festival is celebrated among all the parts with different beliefs. Concerning great joy it has its own beautiful and divine significance; want to know more then take a visual tour.

What is Navratri festival?

This is one of the most ancient festivals, which is celebrated for nine days. Navratri which means “Nine Nights” is celebrated to honor the Mother Goddess Durga. The festival is all about dandiya, Garba, dance music and worshipping of Goddess for continuous nine days. Fasting, meditation, prayers, and other spiritual practices are performed during this period.

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Many of the families celebrate this festival by worshiping the statue od Goddess Durga at heir home. The statue is placed temporarily for nine days in the home and after that it is immeresed in water. During this time Ghat sthapna, and other worshipping rituals are performed.

Why Navratri is celebrated?

There is much reason to celebrate this nine-day festival, but the common thing about those stories is the victory of Good over Evil. There are major two stories form the basis on a history of the divine festival. The first story has its roots from the Northern & Western parts of India. It is the victory of lord Rama over the cruel and demonic Ravana. The nine days of Navratri is the end time of the war of Ramayana and on the 10th day the final war between Ram & Ravana.

Durga Pooja, Traditional Festival, Festival Of India


The second story roots from the Eastern and Northeastern states of India. The second story is about the goddess Durga. It is believed that goddess Durga battled with the buffalo demon Mahishasura to regain peace and Dharma. And she finally finished the battle and won over that demon. And this how this victory is celebrated as a holy festival.

The glorious celebration

This nine-day festival is celebrated differently in the country. At some places, there is a 9 day Ramlila, in these days a fair is organized which ends on the 10Th day. At some places, there are thousands of stages, known as pandals, that are set up. during the nine-day festival, all the nine avatars of the divine goddess are showcased.

Garba Dance, Dandiya Festival, Navratri Festival, Navratri Celebration

Apart from worshipping the goddess, in western side of India, it is also celebrated by dancing. A special dance form named Garba or dandiya is done in front of the divine statue by men & women of all ages. People dress up in traditional attire and women wear traditional jewelry and play Garba dance. This dance form is also a way of celebrating Navratri.

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