How to choose wall paint color

What Is Wrong With Your Wall Paint?

Choosing a color of wall paint is the first step of adorning any ambiance. Hence by not taking the first step carefully can make or break your look. Sometimes after choosing the best wall paint for any space, there is something which is still missing. So to figure out what is missing check the below points

Trying to match everything

The first problem with the wall paint is that you always try to match it with your furniture, your furnishing, your décor items etc. And ends up in being too matchy and it doesn’t create any uniqueness. The point of having a color palette is to give a theme to your home and to present a style in any décor.

, How to choose wall color

So rather than matching each and every single thing with the paint make it interesting and choose differently or contrasting furniture & furnishing. Like if the furniture is of dark brown finish then go for soft colors on the paint. And if the finish of your furniture is light and the furnishing fabrics are also of soft color than go for bright color wall paints

Too Dark Too Dusky

Next thing comes is the usage of extremely dark colors on the walls. Basically using of dark color depends on the area where you are painting. If you own a low space then never and ever go for a dark color wall paint as it will make your space look more clumsy. Also if you own a big space and using dark wall paint that too will not look good.

Dark Shade paint, Mistakes to avoid while painting your wall

For using a dark colored wall paint you can paint your feature wall in dark color and the adjacent walls in the light shade so it will look good. While using a dark color, be very careful about the lights always choose brighter light options.

Mixing too many colors For wall paint

Although there is no limit of how many colors you can choose, but the more the merrier is not always true. Using too many colors in a single room will make you feel the opposite of peaceful and will also create a confusing environment. Sometimes it even feels like it’s closing in.

Matching Ambience

So for a balanced look use set of colors rather than just choosing whatever you want. Choose the wall paint according to a theme so it will give an element to your adornment. Aim for one or two primary colors and a handful of secondary, accent colors

Playing it safe

Sometimes because of confusion you just let the color of your wall paint regular. So by choosing a casual wall paint not only looks dull but also vanish the energy of the area. For that stop playing safe and try a hand on doing experiment with your wall paint.

Dull Ambience, What color not to choose for painting wall

Go for textured wall paints or wild prints. Choose deeper colors like ocean blue combined with plain white and make it look extremely beautiful. Don’t scare, just use color and let the dullness go away by the usage of bright colors.

Using wrong Finish for wall

Sometimes after choosing the right color, still the things don’t go correctly. This thing happens just because of choosing the wrong finish. Something with a bit of sheen could have been better if you went full glossy. And something too shiny really could have been softened with a nice matte finish. Paint up a sample of different finishes when picking out color to see it in the space and in the light.

 Color choice for ambience

Not Applying Properly wall paint

After all the procedure from choosing the right paint color to ending it with perfect matte finish still, the wall paint does not look good. And this is because of not applying it properly. Sometimes because of not using proper paint brushes the finishing of colors do not come in a good way. So always go for skilled and certified painters.

Wall Paint, Color selection

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