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Vastu Tips For Placing Lord Krishna Statue To Invite Prosperity

Lord Krishna is also known as the epitome of love. According to Shastras Lord Krishna is also one of the charming gods who had the elemental quality of attracting everyone who came in contact with him. So keeping a Lord Krishna Statue in a home is very beneficial and divine. But only placing randomly will not invite wealth and prosperity so, here is some vastu guide which should follow while placing Lord Krishna Statue.


First thing to consider while placing Krishna Statue is the direction. It is suggested to place the idol in the northeast corner of the house and preferably it should face either east to west or west to east.

Height as per the Lord Krishna Statue:

Second thing to consider is the height of the place where you are placing your idol. It should not be too heightened or at the ground level. Always choose a medium height so while doing worship you can easily see the Statue.

Holy Krishna Brass Statue with Glossy Finish, Krishna Statue Online


Third thing is about the place where you are locating the Lord Krishna Statue. Although you can keep the divine statue anywhere in your home; but always remember the direction of the face of a statue which should be in east or west. Never place the statue, near your bathroom or bedroom area.

Direction of light:

Worshipping is incomplete without proper lighting. While lighting the direction of diyas or candles should be in the south-eastern side of the mandir. This direction is supposed to be auspicious for the home and people living in it. It always attracts positivity with respect to money and happiness.

Brass Krishna statue, Lord Krishna Statue Online

Type of Lord Krishna Statue:

Fifth thing is the choosing the right Lord Krishna Statue. If you are about to welcome a new baby then you can place a Laddu Gopal (child version of Lord Krishna ). And if you are planning to gift it to your friend who recently got married than choose a Radha-Krishan Pair. If you want to place it in your living area then you can choose a statue with calf.


From the ancient stories, it is believed that Lord Krishna loves makhan and misri. So after doing pooja offer lord Krishna misri along with some white butter as bhog. Use Chandan(Sandal)  scents and Chandan tilak to offer Lord Krishna Statue while worshipping.

Decorative Radha Krishna, Lord Krishna Statue Online

This is a belief as Krishna in any form is believed to be a powerful, charming and positive sight. If you are surrounded by difficulties and problems in business, placing a picture or painting of Lord Krishna and Radha playing the flute will only bring in more peace and harmony.  It is also said that Krishna’s flute takes away all your problems.


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