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Easy To Apply Vastu Shastra Tips For Home To Invite Prosperity

Vastu Shastra is a directional science that which is as important as choosing interior of the house. Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural Indian Science which gives positivity and prosperity. After choosing the best furniture for furnishing your home the other important thing is placing it according to vastu. So to help you in furnishing your home according to Vastu here are some simple and easy to apply tips.

Vastu Shastra as per Sofa Sets:

Sofa sets or sitting options like chairs or stools are advised keep in south & west direction according to Vastu Shastra. The chairs should be kept in that way that the elder person should face towards the south or west direction while sitting.

Paint Colors:

Next thing comes is the color of the walls. The colors used in the house gently affect the mood of the surrounding. It is advised to avoid red, black & grey colors in an entrance. Instead of that use light blue, shades of green, white can be used.

Almirah or Wardrobes:

Next comes the placing of wardrobe or almirah. According to Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to place wardrobe in the southwest of the room. The Almirah with valuable and jewellery should open towards the north or east direction.

Mirrors  as per vastu shastra  :

Mirrors play a vital role in vastu. It is advised to place a mirror on the north or east of the walls. And it is suggested that mirror should not be placed in study rooms or opposite to bedroom.

Study Table:

For better concentration and more studious environment, according to Vastu Shastra study table should be placed in the southwest of the room. And the person should face towards north or east while studying.

Plants In the house:

According to Vastu plants like cactus or related plants should not be kept inside the house as they do not invite happiness. For inviting wealth and prosperity you can keep Money Plant in your adornment. Avoid placing plants in a northeast corner of the house.

Home Appliances as per vastu  shastra:

Home appliances according to vastu should be kept in the southeast of the room. A refrigerator is advised to place in the northwest portion of the room. Television should never be placed in the northeast portion of the room.

Shoe Rack:

According to vastu, shoe rack should be placed in the south-west portion of verandah or mail hall only. It is suggested not to keep footwear in inside the bedroom. Also, should not be placed in the north, south-east or east portion of the house.

Dining Table:

The dining table can be placed in the north-west of a kitchen. The owners or elder should face towards the north direction while sitting on the dining table.

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