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How To Place Urli According To Vastu

Vastu plays an important role in everyone’s life. Vastu has five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and space and every element play an important role. While decorating or constructing your home all these elements should be placed according to Vastu for good luck and prosperity. Out of these entire vastu elements, the water element is most important. And to suffice your need for water element Urli is the best option you can choose.

Urli is a beautiful vastu object in the structure of bowl which is generally placed at home by filling water in it. You may be aware of its lots of benefits but with respect to that other important thing is how to place it at home. For good luck and prosperity in your home, note down these important tips for placing Urli.

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Correct Direction:

The first important thing is the correct direction. For placing the water element in the home choose a northeast direction. Always place your water filled urli in north or east direction as this direction signifies coming of wealth. Never place it in the fire direction as it will give a negative effect in the environment of your home.

Urli for prosperity

Place to choose:

After direction, next thing comes is the place. You can place it in pooja room before your idols as that will give a calming vibe. For increasing wealth place it in your living room with clean water and fresh rose petals. For inviting good energy in your home make it place at the entrance of your home. For peace of mind then place it in the east or north direction of your porch area.

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Appropriate material:

Material is the third thing which plays an important role in placing an urli. Although there are many options from which you can choose, but the best option is Brass. Urli made from brass will detoxify the environment and will make it happy and calm. If not Brass than you can choose Glass urli also, but never place iron urli as it will give negative effects.

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How to decorate Urli:

Decoration also plays a vital role. For inviting new opportunity in carrier and life to decorate it with marigold petals as they are considered sacred. If you are seeking peace then you can use white rose petals. If you want to increase the calmness in the environment you can decorate it with rose petals. For a holly environment, you can float sacred diyas or candles also on the water surface.

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Mistakes to avoid while placing Urli:

With respect to these things, there are still many things which you must avoid while placing urli. Always clean the water and change it on a regular basis, as fresh water indicates prosperity and flow of wealth. Never put stones for decoration in urli as it will give negative weight to your life. Remember not to place it under a staircase or a closed space as it will stop the flow of good energy.

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Brass Urli

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