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Usta Art of Bikaner- The Rich Heritage of Rajasthani Handicrafts

Usta Art was originally derived from Iran and flourished in the Mughal durbars and was mingled with the Indian Culture. Raja Raj Singh, the king of Bikaner brought Nawab Usta Artists to his kingdom and introduces this art to Rajasthan. Which Later becomes the imperial part of Rajasthani Handicrafts.

The origin:

Later the Usta artists of Bikaner developed a new scenario of Rajasthani Handicrafts. Their descendants manifested its charm and beauty in form of Bikaner’s fabulous Junagarh Fort’s. Other places where you can see this art are Anoop palace Chandra Palace, Karan palace and Phool Mahal. At present, you can explore this art form Rampuria havelies , Ajmer Dargah, Delhi Mizamudin Oliya and Mazaar of Amir khusro.

The term Usta comes from word ‘Ustad’, which means master. When it comes to motifs, the various designs are inspired by Mughal Designs. In earlier times this form of gold emboss work was done majorly on walls and ceilings. But during British period they suggested to do it on some other material so that it can be carried together.

The Process:

Hence these amazing “Rajasthani Handicrafts” later was also seen on glass, wood, marble, Camel hide. The process of painting starts with smoothening the surface by applying natural primer. After that, the surface is tightened and fixed & basic outline is drawn. Firstly the edges are colored followed filling the color in using a brush.

After it is dried the floral designs are embossed by using a paste of pot clay powder or jaggery. After that, on the embossed designed two coats of yellow paint are applied. Again it is left for making it dry and then gold foils are applied and details of the embossed painting are drawn. And this how amazing Rajasthani Handicrafts are made.


This is a beautiful part of Rajasthani Handicraft which involves intricate work and use of best materials. Usta Arts’s most unique thing is it fine and detailed work. Nowadays you can also see some miniature paintings which are also drawn in this style. The artifacts of this astonishing Rajasthani Handicrafts will be a classy décor option for any ambiance.

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