Ganesha Statue, God idol, Brass Statue, Home Decor

Things To Remember While Placing Ganesha Statue In Your Home

Ganesha is the god of good luck, prosperity, and success. We all place Ganesha Statue in our home in many ways.  But according to Vastu, there are many things which should not be missed out while placing Ganesha Statue in the home. By keeping these things in mind you will invite more good luck and happiness in your home.

Brass Ganesh Statue, God Idols, Brass statue, Home Decor
Brass Ganesh Statue

Place of Ganesha Statue:

By placing Ganesha at specific position reinforce the vibration of success and happiness. According to Vastu the best place to keep the idol is in the northeast corner of your house which is also known as Ishan Corner. You can also place it on the opposite facing wall of your entry door.

The color of Statue.

People seeking peace and prosperity should bring white color statue or can also opt from Marble Ganesha. Those who desire self-growth can bring vermillion color or brass Ganpati statue. As this represents the spiritual ascendancy of mankind.

Lord Vinayaka,Brass Statue, ganpati idol, Home Decor, God Figurine
Lord Vinayaka – Brass Statue

Position of the Ganesha Statue:

The idol with sitting position is best for home. It represents that the happiness, prosperity and blessing will remain forever in the home. And if you are going for standing Ganesha Idol then, it will be best for your workspace in your home. Also, the sitting Ganesha symbolizes calmness.

Position Of trunk:

This the thing which one usually do not notice. The idol of sitting Ganesha with his trunk tilted towards his left hand should be placed in a house. It represents happiness and success. Ganesha with trunk tilted towards his right hand is difficult to please as it represents the power of the sun which may give negative effects. Better make sure your Ganesha is fat and happy.

Gajanan - Brass Statue, Ganpati Statue, God Figurine, Home Decor, brass Statue
Gajanan – Brass Statue

Small Accessories:

There are many small details which should be kept in mind while placing your idol. Remember that a mouse and modak (Indian sweet) should be a part of the statue.   The mouse represents material desire Sweets represent not getting distracted by pleasure- hence, they’re left untouched

Things not to do with Ganesha Statue:

Never place the idol in your bedroom, and if you are willing to place then place it in Northeast direction because according to Vastu feet should not face the Idol. Also never place Ganesha Statue in South direction Also, it should be ensured the idol is nowhere near toilet washrooms or across a wall that is attached to bathroom or toilet.

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