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Thewa Jewelry – The Glorious Jewelry art of Rajasthan

India is full of traditional styles of art forms. Famous for finely and delicately created beautiful pieces of Jewelry, India’s Love for Gold is undying. Out of those famous fascinating processes crafting of Thewa Jewelry is one of the oldest art forms. Thewa jewelry is created by embossing intricately worked-out Gold on a sheet of glass is known as Thewa.

This famous jewelry art showcases the glorious art form of Rajasthan. In starting the usage of this beautiful jewelry was only up to royal people. The journey of Thewa jewelry is as interesting as its making process. Each and every step of its carving has its own story and fact.

Origin of Thewa Jewelry

The roots of Thewa Jewelry lies in the beautiful land of Pratpgarh Rajasthan. This is the only place in India where this art form is still in exclusivity. This art was started by Nathu Lal Sonewala in the year 1707.This art form was immediately liked by the royal kings and queens. The beautiful designs gave a mesmerizing look to the jewelry.

On initial stage, the family of Nathu Lal Sonewala kept this art secret from rest of the world. But the secret was out and gradually this art took contemporary form. Earlier Thewa jewelry was a prestige and status symbol for royal people. People of royal court rooms were the only people who were able to buy that.

Traditional Thewa Jewelry, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Online Hand-Made Jewelry
Traditional Jewelry


Thewa is an art of fusing 23ct gold with multicolored glasses. Firstly the gold piece is beaten into a very thin sheet. After that using very fine chisels are used to inscribe intricate designs on it. The gold sheet is also called as “Thewa ke Patti” in the local dialect. Then this sheet is fixed to a lac-resin compound spread on a board by slightly warming the lac.

After that, the sheet is pressed on to it. later an open work pattern is pierced thru these gold sheets placed on the lac. This piercing knocks off the portions which ultimately create the intricate design required by the customer. Then the gold sheet is gently peeled off by heating it. The motifs are inspired by floral and traditional Rajasthani designs.

Ethnic Jewelry, Thewa jewelry
Ethnic Jewelry

Current scenario of Thewa Jewelry

Initially, gold was the only metal used to make Thewa jewelry, but nowadays designers have incorporated the use of silver, copper and white gold as well. Many of the designs keep the detailing minimal and cater to the more modern designs. This art form has evolved through but the basic style remains the same.

Thewa Jewelry, Ethnic jewelry, Traditional hanidcrafts
Thewa Jewelry

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