ShreenathJi, Nathdwara, Pichwai Paintings

The Story Behind The Diamond Of ShreenathJi

ShreenathJi is a child form of Lord Krishna and is also known as Balak Swaroop or Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, initially, Shreenath Ji was worshiped at Jaipur village Govardhan and subsequently, moved to a larger temple on top of the hill.

Later on, ShreenathJi was brought to Mewar region of Rajasthan through Agra & Gwalior. The bringing deity to this region has its own unique story, which doubles the faith of worshippers.

The chariot carrying lord ShreenathJi got stuck in mud at Sihad village of Mewar while traveling, and hence the idol was established in a temple built with the permission of the then Rana of Mewar. And later as per the belief the temple at Nathdwara was built in the 17th century.

“There is a unique thing which you will see in any of the pictorial representation of  Lord ShreenathJi, and that is the diamond in the chin of deity. And that diamond has its own interesting story”

In the ruling period of Aurangzeb, he was on the verge of destroying Hindu temples and figurine of Hindu deities.  In order to destroy this temple, he reached Nathdwara and ordered his soldiers to destroy the temple.

And in order to destroy the temple when he stepped on the first stair of the temple, he lost his eyesight and got blind. And after that, he started wiping the stairs of the temple by his beard and prayed to lord ShreenathJi, that if his eyesight will return he will gift precious diamond to the lord.

And after that, his eyesight returned and he gifted precious diamond to the lord, which you can see in the chin of the deity. And after that, every year at the time of Holi festival this whole scenario is repeated and enacted by the locals.

Lord ShreenathJi also become famous through the Pichwai Paintings & has given rise to a whole school of paintings called Pichhwai paintings that would literally translate to shadow paintings.


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