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The Divine Significance of Diya in Diwali Festival

When the term Diya strikes in the ear, it automatically relates with the festival Diwali. The earthen lamp diya is the synonym of Diwali festival. You all are familiar with this beautiful handicrafts but do you ever thought about the significance of Diya AKA Deepak? No, then this Diwali know the Divine Significance of Diya.

History of Diya:

The history of Deepak revolves around the popular belief from the kall of Ramayana. In northern India, the tale tells about the holy lord Rama’s return from 12 years of exile. And to celebrate that return of their beloved hero, people of Ayodhya lighted these earthen lamps in every single corner of their home and invites happiness and prosperity.

While in southern India the ancient story talks about the Goddess Durga’s triumph over the evil demon Narakasura. This triumph of good over evil brings back the light of truth and knowledge to mankind.

Importance of Diya:

Although not only on Diwali, in most of the Hindu households deepak is lightened once in the morning and in the evening. The oil in Deepak represents greed, jealousy, hatred, dirt which are some common traits of human nature. While the wick of the Deepak is symbolized to self. So enlightening diya burns the evil nature of human and pushes it to the brightness of wisdom.

Moreover, Deepak is also symbolized as knowledge. Also, a house decorated with Deepak invites wealth and prosperity. It also signifies in the terms of brightness, as the festival was celebrated for the victory of good over evil so the light of Deepak symbolizes brightness of knowledge and wisdom over Superstition. Diya encourages everyone to choose the safe road in life that leads to serenity of mind and soul.

Next, comes is the various types of Deepak. Earlier the deepak were made from terracotta or river soil but nowadays there are many options available. But still, the traditional ones are still on trend and looks mesmerizingly beautiful in any ambiance. Some of the diyas have beautiful hand painted painting on it which makes it an adorable piece to show off.


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