Parchin kari Art of Taj Mahal, marble handicrafts

The Art Behind The Beauty Of Taj Mahal- Parchin Kari

You all have heard about so many stories about the emblem of love Taj Mahal. How this wonder was created and about the history, but one thing which was always untouched was the sculpting of marbles. The art that raises the beauty standard of Taj Mahal is Parchin Kari.

Agra is also considered as the heartland North India’s tourist circuit. And Taj Mahal is the signature souvenir of the city which concise the Parchin Kari Art in a very beautiful way.

Marble Handicrafts, Parchin Kari Art

Parchin Kari started from…

Parchin Kari is also known as Pacchikari in recent times and is basically a colored stone inlaying process in marble base. The artistic tradition of inlay of gemstones on marble dates back to the 1500s when this art first made its appearance in Rome as “Pietra Dura”.

Later under the ruling period of Mughals in India, this art was introduced. The Mughal were immediately endeared to the Pietra Dura art form. And under their patronage, it grew to become Parchin Kari, a completely localized art form.

Marble Sculpting, Parchin Kari Work

Under Mughal patronage, the Parchin Kari art form grew immensely. The art form was widely used in most of Agra’s monuments.

The process of Parchin Kari

Although as the modern technologies arrived, still this inlay work is done through hands only. In this process, the stone slivers are carefully shaped into minute petals, leaves, and stems on a manually operated emery wheel.

The craftsman matches the shape and inlay and also matches the shapes to a brass template. Chisels are worked through professional hands to create a hollow space on the marble. The marble surface is heated and the stones laid flush in it.

Parchin Kari Art of Taj mahal, Marble sculpting, marble handicrafts

Any tiny gaps in the inlay are filled in with white cement so that it can match the white base of marble and looks great. Every stroke and every single detail in this work needs specialized craftsmanship which made Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of the world.


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