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Terracotta – A Magical Carving of Indian Soil

India has many ancient gems in terms of handicrafts. The roots of some arts can be founded from Ramayan & Mahabharat kaal. Every art was invented for different purposes. Some were to educate people and some for sufficing daily needs and some for decoration purposes or beautification. But there is one art which suffices all these purposes – “ Terracotta”.

Terracotta is one of ancient art and is also believed as the first expression of creativity in human mind. This art has various forms which makes it a versatile Indian Handicraft.

Throwback …

This art includes all the five elements of earth. Its presence can be seen from 7000 BC. It is also a main constituent of Indian culture since the Indus Valley Civilization. This wonder can be seen in all the wonders. Archaeological excavation at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and many other places has existence of this art.

But besides its glorious past, know why it is still in trend…

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The first impression of terracotta is its beautiful color. With its earthy color, the terracotta art holds a special place in any home decor. Be it a modern theme or a traditional theme it gels beautifully with all styles of decor.

Versatile decorative…

The use of terracotta is not limited to decor. You will find a showpiece, crockery, jewellery, and furniture, almost everything. Things made from this give a beautiful impact to house and are economical to use. Nowadays be it home decor or daily life, this is trending. 

Benefits of terracotta…

It complements a wide variety of decor. Also as it is made from soil, terracotta is echo friendly. Its earthy color can be used to break up and add warmth to modern, monochromatic themes. According to Ayurveda, eating in soil is considered good for health, so one can use terracotta crockery.

How the making process plays an important role…

The making process is not an ordinary process. It is  made from a fairly coarse, porous type of clay. First step includes sculpting the clay. Once it is sculpted then it fired until hard. After it is baked it turns brownish orange color, ranging from earthy ocher to red.

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Baked terracotta is not watertight a layer of glaze is done to make it so. The wide range of color shades can be given by using different glaze. If not baked properly on the defined temperature it may break or sometimes loses its shine. 

Places for authentic terracotta art…

Although there are many online and offline places for exploring this, but always choose the place that manufactures it. You can explore the local market of Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, cities of Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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