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Shreenathji Wall Frame- The beautiful representation of Pichwai Painting

There are plenty of décor objects which we use in our home décor to ravish our ambiance in a beautiful way. And one of them is Shreenathji Wall Frame. Many of us decorate our wall with Shreenathji Wall frame but do you know which popular art is behind these paintings? The Pichwai Painting is art which you see everywhere. The art has its beautiful let’s explore the journey virtually.

Pichwai Paintings are one of the traditional art forms from the colorful state of India. These paintings earlier were a form of traditional fabric painting which was rooted in Rajasthan. The word ‘Pichwai’ means at the back. Basically, this art work was the one which was done on the back side of Idol of Shreenathji. Also, these kinds of paintings are found in Krishna temple.

Origin of Pichwai Paintings:

The origin of the Pichwai Painting of Shreenathji Wall Frame dates back to a time when a fraction Vallabhaichari created 24 iconographic for the background of Lord Krishna’s image at Nathdwara. Each of the images depicts a specific festival or celebration with each and every single detail. Earlier when it was drawn on the cloth; The cloth was dipped in colors which were made from vegetables & Minerals.

Mainly the colors which were used in the paintings were lapis, cochineal, orpiment, and indigo. As the Painting of Shreenathji Wall Frame evolved with time, the shades of colors also undergone changes and attained contemporary touch. Pichwai paintings are an important part of the cultural legacy of Rajasthan and enrich the cultural heritage of the country greatly.

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The theme of Pichwai Painting of Shreenathji Wall Frame:

The prime features of this art are a heavy body, wide nose, and big nose. The basic format and structure of this painting is static kind with frozen natural components. Other prime and prominent features of Pichwai Painting are sun, star, moon, and lighting. With the simple and artistic sketching of motifs, several layered meanings and symbolisms are concealed. These painting from some of the most captivating arts depicting pageant of Lord Krishna’s life. Many of them exhibit pure poetry through paintings.

The technique of Pichwai Painting of Shreenathji Wall Frame:

Various techniques are used while making Pichwai Painting of ” Shreenathji Wall Frame which includes applique weaving, embroideries, hand block paintings, and printings. Flamboyant artistic embroidery is the common feature of this art in stitched forms. Firstly a rough sketch is made on a rough starched cloth which is then followed by filling the sketch with vibrant colors. Pichwai paintings take a long time to complete, ranging from a few weeks to months.

There are many ways in which you can use this art form on your wall; & one of them is the Shreenathji Wall Frame. The frame not only looks good but creates a divine look in the ambiance with beautiful detailing. You can buy online this beautiful wall frames and can also gift this to your near and dear one on all the occasion.

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