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Scientific Health Benefits Of Wearing Traditional Jewellery

Jewelry has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. Besides the beauty, Indian traditional Jewellery has scientific significance also. According to Indian mythology, traditional jewellery plays an important role in giving health benefits to the wearer. All the traditional jewellery one wear affect your health in some way, want to know which affects what, then continue reading.

Traditional Rings

Rings are very basic Indian traditional jewellery which is worn by almost everybody and gels well with almost every outfit. The ring is mostly worn on the left hand’s ring finger. It is believed that nerve passing through this finger is connected to the brain. And, when you wear a ring in this finger, it causes constant friction, thus improving your health.

 Traditional golden Ring, indian finger ring

Toe Ring

Toe ring is the important traditional jewellery which is considered as an important ornament of the attire of a married woman. The most eminent scientific theory behind wearing toe rings is its help in making menstrual cycle regularized which is a common problem faced by women. As toe rings are generally made of silver, it absorbs energy from the earth and refreshes the entire body of the woman by passing the energy to it.

Toe Rings for women, silver toe rings

Traditional Bangles

More than a piece of charming traditional jewellery, bangles plays a vital part in any women’s life. Scientifically by wearing bangles woman’s blood circulation level increases and channelizes the energy passing through her outer skin. This happens because of its circular shape which comes directly in contact with the wrist.

bangle set,Indian bangles,wedding bangles

Traditional Necklace

A necklace is that beautiful traditional jewellery which is the first choice of every woman. But besides the charming beauty, there are many scientific health benefits of wearing a necklace. The necklace regularizes blood circulation in women, along with controlling their blood pressure level.

Indian Necklace,rajwadi necklace,traditional necklace

Traditional Maang Tika

Maang tika is the prettiest traditional jewellery which compliments every Indian attire in a unique way. Be it Kundan, silver, meenkari or gold tika, the beauty of the mang tikka is alluring. As it is worn on the forehead and the forehead, especially the center part is believed to be the place of chakra which refers to preservation. So by wearing a maang tika it balances the powers.

Traditional Maang Tika

Traditional Anklets

An anklet is the prettiest traditional jewellery which enhances the charm of any apparel instantly. With respect to beauty, there are many benefits related to this.  By wearing above the feet joint, anklets make women more active. Usually, anklets are made from silver or gold so are good conductors. And because of this, It works as a mediator between the earth and the human body, making women more energetic and vanishes negative energy.

anklets,,Gold anklets

These are the scientific benefits of Indian traditional jewelry. Besides the charm, they give many health benefits.

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