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Sanganeri Print- The Immortal Inborn Handicraft of Rajasthan

A small town of this colorful state known as Sanganer which is in the southern part of Jaipur is the exclusive hub of Sanganeri Print. This style is one of the blocks printing techniques but with some special effects and its own charm. Sanganeri form of textile printing is almost 5 centuries old and till date holds a prominent place in the world of weavers and craftsmen

“Delicate designs with particular patterns combined with vibrant colors are the defining factor of Sanganeri Prints”

A long time ago…

Sanganeri print technique was invented and developed between 16th & 17th century. Because of the constant wars between Marathas & Mughals, many of the craftsmen migrated from Gujarat to Rajasthan. And later this handicraft found its roots in Sanganer. It also becomes the major export item for East India Company.

Sanganeri Block Printing, Block printing, Handicrafts of Rajasthan

The process of Sanganeri print.

The dyeing of Sanganeri Printed Cloth is by use of natural colors (vegetable colors) as such, the finished cloth often emits a very pleasant odor. This place Sanganer is famous for its Calico printed bed covers, quilts, and saris. In this style of printing first the outlines are drawn and after that, the colors are filled with extreme fineness.

One of the basic components that define Sanganeri print is its own kind of motif. This elaborate work needs expertly cut mirror images blocks to print the usually asymmetrical Mughal style designs. Borders and end pieces consist of repeated bands of undulated twines (Bel) of various sizes. Generally, a design is a blend of flower, bud, and leaves or other forms such as keri (mango), pan (betel leaf), katar (dagger) or jhumka (ear-ring) is created.

Block Printing, Sanganeri Print

Various floral designs, geometrical and God figures are included in its prints. The intricate detailing in flower petals and curves with pretty delicacy are some of the prime specialties of Sanganeri Prints

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