A Historical Tale of Rakhi - Lord Krishna & Draupadi Bond of Thread

A Historical Tale of Rakhi – Lord Krishna & Draupadi Bond of Thread

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is the festival of bond of brothers and sisters. This festival involves the ritual of tying Raksha Sutra also known as Rakhi to brother’s wrist. There are many stories behind this simple act of tying this sacred thread which directly depicts the importance of this festival. Many of Lords and Goddess has saved many of lives just because of this single thread. And one of the stories from our Indian history is of Lord Krishna & Draupadi.

The story is also mentioned in great epic Mahabharata also. Lord Krishna was very fond of Draupadi king Drupad’s daughter. When the royal swayamwar was occurring, and Arjuna won Draupadi Lord Krishna was the one who was happiest among all. According to the legend on a Sankranti day, Lord Krishna injured his figure. Seeing this his consort Sathyabham rushed In a hurry to get a piece of cloth to his queen Rukmani and she send a bandage.

At the same time, Panchali was watching this whole scenario simply walked over and tore a piece of her saree to bandage Krishna’s hand. By seeing this Lord Krishna blessed her for her good deed. He promised to protect her in her times of distress.  At the same time, he also uttered the word Akshayam which means unending and declared her as his sister.

After this happening, once in the period of Mahabharata Kaal, The Pandavas lost Draupadi in a gamble to the Kauravas. In order to that Duryodhana who was the eldest Kaurva, in envy asked his brother, Dushashan to bring Draupadi in the court and insult her in front of everyone. Panchali begged for help from everyone who was present in that court room to protect her dignity but no one helped her. And then she remembered Lord Krishna, and Krishan helped her. When  Dushashan started pulling Draupadi’s sari then Krishna paid his debt by protecting her, the sari tied to Krishna’s wrist by Draupadi turned into yards and yards. Dushashan was pulling from one side and from another side, Lord Krishna was again wrapping the saree.

So by this, a brother protects her sister from getting insulted in front of everyone. And from that day every sister ties the “Rakhi” on brother’s wrist and in order of that the brother promise to protect her in every situation and also bless her with beautiful Rakshabandhan Gifts.

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