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Pichwai Painting- A Holy Souvenir Of Lord Shreenathji

Paintings and art is an integral part of Indian Culture and history. Every style of painting holds its own unique story. In India, some of the arts were invented to connect the human to god, and because of that, the value of art becomes more precious. Some of the arts are worshipped like God and are still considered holy and sacred. And one of them is Pichwai Painting.

These paintings are created as a backdrop in the temples dedicated to Krishna or Srinathji. And it is also considered as an important offering to God along with food offerings, garments, jewelry, and more.

How Pichwai Painting comes to existence…

There is no substantial data which tell exactly when it was started, but it is one of the oldest art forms of India. Pichwai is a Sanskrit word, where pich stands for ‘back’ and wai for ‘hanging’. These paintings were originated from the holy town of Nathdwara, near Udaipur, Rajasthan around 400 years back. This art was kind of an offering to Lords, which was considered holy when it was hanged behind the Statue.

Lord Krishna Painting, ShreenathJi Painting

The motive behind these paintings was painted to narrate the tale of Lord Krishna.  Shreenath Ji is the ball roop (Child phase) of Lord Krishna, and to tell the sacred goodness of lord these paintings were created. Initially, Pichwai Painting was worshiped like God by people.

The making of Pichwai Painting:

These paintings are full of minute and fine details, so artists take time from a couple of weeks to a few months. The painter first makes a rough sketch on a starched cloth. After that, it is filled with color. Mostly, pichwai painting is done on cloth, so the details filled once cannot be corrected.

Making Of Pichwai Painting, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan, Paintings, Lord Shreenathji

A Pichwai may also be printed using hand blocks or woven using embroidery, dabka, or zardozi work. These paintings are glossy and sometimes embellished with jewels. In this outlines are dark and the embroidery is done with colorful threads. In some, the gold thread is used to highlight the design.

What Pichwai showcase…

The main theme of the Pichwai is of Lord Srinathji and his exploits. The idol shown in the painting is portrayed here which mainly include big eyes, heavy body, and a broad nose. Also, the theme depends on the seasons; summers will have pink lotus & winter will have an intricate jamawar pattern. Different-different occasions are portrayed in these paintings of Lord Shreenath Ji

Pichwai Paintings, Paitings or Shreenathji, Paintings of Rajasthan

You will find the roots of these paintings majorly in Nathdwara, Udaipur, and Rajasthan. While visiting Rajasthan, one must look at these paintings and must take one with them as a souvenir.

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