Phad painting Rajasthan

Phad Painting – The Folk painting style of Rajasthan

Phad Painting are one of the folk art of Rajasthan. In ancient times these paintings were an elaborated part of ritualistic songs and traditional customs. These paintings depict the folk tale of balladeers that travel from village to village performing folk epics. The paintings are the evidence and give a backdrop of the songs, dances and narrations are used to create an evening of magic and entertainment usually in the center of the village.

When you go through the older Phad Paintings, Each painting depicts a different episode and they are opened or unrolled only after sundown, in conjunction with an all-night performance. This is the reason why these paintings are called Phad painting, which means fold in a local language.

These paintings are usually made on cloth or wall and mostly describe the story of local Hero-Gods- Pabuji and Dev Narayan Ji. One of the series of this painting represents a folk epic are described through a unique style of representation filled with figures and pictorial incidents in a dramatic manner.

Some of the unique thing about this painting is that every available inch of the canvas is crowded with figures. Another thing about this painting is the flat construction of the pictorial space, while the figures are harmoniously distributed all over the space. The scale of the figure depends on the social status of the character they represent and the roles they play in the story.

Another interesting thing about this painting is the faces of the characters always face each other instead of the viewer. These paintings are traditionally vast and are wide to accommodate the numerous episodes of the complex and untold stories. The unique beauty of these paintings has won the heart of art praisers around the world. No wonder that today Phad Painting has come to be known as one of the most sought after folk paintings in the world of art and culture.

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