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Dhanteras Pooja Vastu For Inviting Prosperity & Happiness

Dhanteras also is known as Dhantrayodashi is an important part of the Diwali festival. This is the first day of Diwali which has important significance. Dhanteras is also known as festival of gold and is celebrated on the 13th day of dark fortnight of Ashwin month according to the Hindu calendar. This day of Diwali has its significance as it invites prosperity and wealth. So, here is the vastu pooja method of performing Dhanteras worship.

Dhanteras Pooja materials:

According to vastu, certain important things are advised to use in pooja while doing worship. A Deepak made from dough, as it is found auspicious to keep it while doing pooja. Try to keep garlands for idols and loose flowers for pooja. According to Vastu always keep small copper tumblers with clean water and spoon. And for bhog always offer fresh sweets.

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Dhanteras Pooja procedure according to vastu:

Dhanteras pooja according to vastu it is advised to start the pooja after the sun sets in the evening. Place the Ganesh Ji and Lakshmi Ji idols on a clean bajot, and light the dough Deepak in front of them. The dough lamp is made in such a way that four wicks facing east, west, north, and south respectively. Offer incense stick and prasad to the idols.


The most important thing according to pooja vastu of Dhanteras is the direction of idols. The direction of keeping idols has a significant impact on your fortune and prosperity in the coming financial year. It is advised to sit facing the westside while worshiping God. While doing Dhanteras pooja keep your money in the east direction.

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Lighting of Diya

As this festival is all about lighting, placing diyas plays a major role in vastu. It is advised to use Earthen or soil Deepak filled with ghee or oil. Make sure to place it in every empty corner and every room of your home to invite wealth and prosperity. It is suggested to keep a sugarcane piece (Small chunk) in the Deepak as it invites positive vibes.

On Dhanteras Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped. People pray for prosperity on this day, so properly doing the worship is equally important. The popular belief about this day is that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean along with other treasures, so people pray for wealth. And that is why by doing Dhanters pooja by vastu gives positive energy and enhances the flow of wealth.

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12 Beautiful Rangoli Designs For This Diwali

As Diwali is coming nearby people do best to make their home look beautiful. Festivals have their own charm and joy and pretty ways to celebrate. The celebration of Diwali festival may vary from home to home but the thing which is common in all places is the Rangoli. Rangoli is the way of welcoming the festival with lots of joy and auspiciousness. But here is something which is still difficult than making it is from what Rangoli Designs to choose from. So here is a list of beautiful Rangoli designs from which you can pick and can make your celebration beautiful.

An all-time traditional

If you own a big porch space than this style of Rangoli is apt for you. Although it is one of the traditional Rangoli designs, but in a big space with beautiful contrasting colors it will look immensely beautiful. If not with colors you can make this Rangoli with fresh flowers also.

Rangoli Designs, Rangoli, traditional patterns

Divine Ganpati design

Rangoli is a way of welcoming joy by sprinkling colors. You can double the joy by making a Ganpati design Rangoli. You can use whatever color you want to use but try to borderline the outline by white color as it will give a realistic look.

Ganpati rangoli designs, traditional designs, rangoli, diwali festival

Floral Design

You need not to worry if you have less space these styles of floral Rangoli designs are apt for tight spaces. Use bright colors and make your ambiance look beautiful.

Floral Design rangoli, rangoli pattern, diwali festival, Indian Tradition

A 2-D design

The most amazing thing about this pattern is its two-dimensional appeal. Use your fingers to stroke the petals and highlight if with white boundary.

two-dimensional Rangoli designs, rangoli, rangoli deisgn, art, indian traditiona

A classy floral pattern

Floral patterns are evergreen Rangoli designs. You can make it in from of your kitchen space or in from of your entryway, it will look eye-catchy.

Floral Pattern, Rangoli desgns, indian tradition

Eye-catchy petal design

In Rangoli, the choice of colors plays an important role. If your color theme of outdoor space where you are making Rangoli in light color theme then this pattern will give a dynamic appeal.

petal design rangoli, rangoli design, rangoli for festival

Simply beautiful

Sometimes you do not have enough time to make a big and intricate design, so for that rush time, this is perfect. This is one of the Rangoli designs which will fit in any space of your home.

festive design, rangoli design, traditional rangoli

Something for your sidewalls

While decorating the front space you forgot about decorating the side walls. So here is a symmetric design for your sides of the wall. You can also make this pattern on the entrance of your pooja ghar.

designs, indian festivsl, diwali trsdition

Quick & Easy

If you are not good at this then you can pick from one of these Rangoli designs. You don’t have to do much, just draw the layers and fill it with colors.

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Pretty and gorgeous

If you want to put as many colors in your design then this pattern is perfect for you. You can make it in front of your entryway or in your hallways.

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A symmetric pattern

Symmetric Rangoli designs have their own charm and as an add-on, they are quick and easy to draw. This pattern is perfect for your hallways and outdoor spaces.

symmetric pattern, diwali decor, festive decor, celebration

Beautiful peacock design

Peacock patterns always look beautiful and give a pretty charming appeal. No matter where you are planning to make it, they will look awesome everywhere. Just remember to use as many colors as you can.

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Diwali Celebration, Deepavali festival, Indian festival

Know What Makes Diwali The Biggest Festival Of India

Diwali is just not a festival it is an emotion. Also knows as a festival of light, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It one of the festivals which are celebrated by almost every community of India with great joy and enthusiasm. But ever wondered why this festival is one of the biggest and eternal festivals? Want to dig the reason then take a visual tour

What Diwali is…

The name of this festival is the main moto and meaning. Diwali or Deepavali is the festival of light deep means “light” and avali “a row” to become “a row of lights.”. It is majorly a four-day celebration which includes different-different traditions and rituals. It falls on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik, so it varies every year.

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How Deepavali celebration started…

The origin of this festival can be traced back to ancient India. Initially, it was celebrated as an important harvest festival, however with different people this belief changes. According to some beliefs it is celebrated because on that day Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Vishnu got married.

Deepavali celebration, festival of light, traditiona of India, Festival of India

Different communities have different beliefs, but one of the main reasons it started was from Ramayana Kaal. It was celebrated as the victory of defending demon Ravana by Lord Rama. And when Lord Rama along with Ma Sita and Lakshman were returning, to welcome them they decorated the streets, roads, and home of Ayodhya with diyas. And that symbolizes winning of light over the darkness and this is how the celebration of Diwali started.

The four days of Diwali…

First day of Deepavali is called Dhanteras. On this day it is said to buy new things like gold, silver any new vehicle or anything, as it the most auspicious day to buy. Dhanteras is the starting of this festival and people celebrate it with great joy.

Second day of this festival is Naraka Chaturdashi or Roop Choudas. The significance of this day is, on this day Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama vanquishing of the demon Naraka. Also, some people light 14 diyas to ward of evil.

Diyas, Diwali, Festival of India, Festival of light, Deepavali celebration

The third day is when Diwali is actually celebrated. Diwali comes on Amavasya so to ward off the darkness people lit earthen diyas and decorate their home with lights. On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi Ji and prays for wealth and prosperity.

Fourth day is celebrated as Govardhan pooja. On this day people worship their cows as they help them in harvesting. At some places on this day Annakoot also and on that day all the new crops which have been harvested are offered to Lords.

How the festival is celebrated…

Diwali is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. People decorate their homes with diyas and lights. Make Rangoli in front of their entry door to welcome good energy. Worship Goddess Lakshmi Ji for wealth and prosperity. In this festival, crackers are also busted as a part of festival and the home and streets are decorated with earthen Diyas.

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Navratri Pooja, Festival, Indian Festival

What Makes Navratri An Eternal Festival Of India

India is a land of festivals. This is the place where different –different religions celebrate festivals with great joy and enthusiasm. And one of those colorful festivals is Navratri. In India, this festival is celebrated among all the parts with different beliefs. Concerning great joy it has its own beautiful and divine significance; want to know more then take a visual tour.

What is Navratri festival?

This is one of the most ancient festivals, which is celebrated for nine days. Navratri which means “Nine Nights” is celebrated to honor the Mother Goddess Durga. The festival is all about dandiya, Garba, dance music and worshipping of Goddess for continuous nine days. Fasting, meditation, prayers, and other spiritual practices are performed during this period.

Navratri celebration, Indian Festival, Indian traditional Festivals, Festivals of India

Many of the families celebrate this festival by worshiping the statue od Goddess Durga at heir home. The statue is placed temporarily for nine days in the home and after that it is immeresed in water. During this time Ghat sthapna, and other worshipping rituals are performed.

Why Navratri is celebrated?

There is much reason to celebrate this nine-day festival, but the common thing about those stories is the victory of Good over Evil. There are major two stories form the basis on a history of the divine festival. The first story has its roots from the Northern & Western parts of India. It is the victory of lord Rama over the cruel and demonic Ravana. The nine days of Navratri is the end time of the war of Ramayana and on the 10th day the final war between Ram & Ravana.

Durga Pooja, Traditional Festival, Festival Of India


The second story roots from the Eastern and Northeastern states of India. The second story is about the goddess Durga. It is believed that goddess Durga battled with the buffalo demon Mahishasura to regain peace and Dharma. And she finally finished the battle and won over that demon. And this how this victory is celebrated as a holy festival.

The glorious celebration

This nine-day festival is celebrated differently in the country. At some places, there is a 9 day Ramlila, in these days a fair is organized which ends on the 10Th day. At some places, there are thousands of stages, known as pandals, that are set up. during the nine-day festival, all the nine avatars of the divine goddess are showcased.

Garba Dance, Dandiya Festival, Navratri Festival, Navratri Celebration

Apart from worshipping the goddess, in western side of India, it is also celebrated by dancing. A special dance form named Garba or dandiya is done in front of the divine statue by men & women of all ages. People dress up in traditional attire and women wear traditional jewelry and play Garba dance. This dance form is also a way of celebrating Navratri.

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Rajasthani Mojari- A Beautiful Handcrafted Cultural Souvenir

Rajasthan is one of the most culturally diverse states which have its own tradition and beautiful cultural attires. Every culture has its own exclusivity and attire reflecting that beautiful culture. Concerning exclusive hand-made Rajasthani Handicrafts, another thing which is also a souvenir of this culture is Rajasthani Mojari.

What is Rajasthani Mojari…

The mojari is a traditional leather footwear of Rajasthan. Mojari is also known as jutti, which is an urdu word for shoes. Usually, the mojari are made from locally cured leather. The beauty of these Rajasthani Mojari is its crafting. These are crafted by hands of local artisans and embroidery are done with hands only.

Rajasthani Mojari, Traditional Mojari, colorful jutti


Earlier these were worn by the people of the royal family. The royal kings and their queens like to wear Mojaris that were embroidered with real gold and silver threads and decorated with precious gems and pearls. But with the gradual passage of time, other materials such as beads, brass nails, cowries shells, mirrors, bells, and ceramic beads are used to embellish them.

Intricate Hand-Making Process of Rajasthani Mojari…

Initially, this art was adapted from Mughals, and later it becomes a beautiful part of the Rajasthani culture. There are three steps involve in the making of these Rajasthani Mojari; Sole Part, Strap Part, Combining Part.

In the first part, the strap is made. In the process of strap making, embroidery part and the leather cutting part was included. The embroidery works are cut into pieces and later are pasted either on the leather or resin leather and dried completely. Traditional styles of embroidery are done.

Making Of Jutti, Making Of traditional footwear

The second step of Rajasthani Mojari making involves the sole part. As per the size of the sole of foot it is cut on the leather which is then pasted pairwise on the resin leather with a smooth finish. And in last part, the strap is added to the sole. After the sole and the strap are firmly fixed, the rubber sole is pasted to the bottom and impact with muasle tool.

The whole process involves handwork with skilled artisans, and this is what makes it an exclusive piece of Rajasthani handicraft. Embroidery done on the mojari is exclusively done by the skilled females and sometimes these are customized according to customer’s demand.

Handcrafted Footwear, Traditional women's Jutti

Where you can find it…

If you are wishing to buy an authentic pair Rajasthani Mojari than you can visit the Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jalor, Bikaner. These are the hubs of hand-made traditional Rajasthani Mojari. You can find them online also, but if you want to experience the authentic style, hit the local streets of these cities and grab one for you.


Art of Rajasthan, Traditional Mojari

This beautiful Rajasthani Mojari looks good on all the style of attire you wish to wear. You can make it pair with your denim, sarees, kurta, indo-western outfit, etc. Not only for girls this mojari are bi-sexual so even guys can also wear it with any style of apparel.