How and Where you can add emblem of Luck- “Elephant”

The belief that elephants bring good luck has a long history and that is why everyone wants them in their home. And worldwide, elephants are the largest land animal living on the planet today and are one of the strongest animals too; their energy feels invariably kind and very wise. So most of the people want to add this figurine in their home decor in many ways.
elephant statue, pair of royal elephant, Meenakari work, traditional, Rajasthani, handcrafted
White royal elephant statue with fine meenakari art on its surface

The elephant is always associated with Buddha and the divine deity Ganesh. It is commonly believed that by placing an elephant carving or picture in your home decor brings luck, prosperity, strength, stability and wisdom. Another important thing comes is where and how to place the elephant figurine in your home or in your work area?

Elephant figurine In living area :

You can buy decorative figurines of an Elephant or could buy wall hangings having elephant paintings or simply an elephant-shaped stool. In the market, there are many options available and nowadays you can simply Buy online these elephant figurines. In living area, you can place the figurine in middle of your display unit along with other decorative accents. Another great option is to make the placing of that figurine right in front of your entryway door so that it will bring luck and prosperity your work area.

Elephant statue, Meenakri work, Metal statue, Decorative Figuine
Pair of Meenanakri ambabari Gaj, with beautiful detailed art.

Elephant figurine in your Work-space: 


When it comes to adding this symbol of wisdom, in your work-space you have plenty of options. You can purchase metal figurine and can place them in your entry way. Or one can also buy elephant figurine in pairs and can decorate in the lobby area of the office. There are so many wall hangings available in market having this elephant carved, which you can hang in your entryway or on your work space wall. Some of the figurines have Meenakari art Painted which will look adorably good in your reception area.

Set of Three Elephant, Handcrafted, Metal Statue, Traditional, Rajasthani
A set of three elephants for home decor

At your Study Desk:

There are many ways to which you can add this symbol of luck in your study room. You can go for elephant shaped Pen holder or can buy an elephant painted Pen holder. The other option comes is that you can buy a small space saving figurine which you can directly place on your desk. By adding these figurines to your work desk you will feel more energetic and more concentrated. This figurine will give a positive vibe in your adornment.

Tea Coasters, Pen Stand, Wood, Hand Painted, Handcrafted
Wooden tea coaster & Pen Stand

To your coffee table: 

You can make the lucky elephant involve in your kitchen also.By buying Tea coaster having an elephant painting, you can add this symbol of luck to your coffee table. You can also place a small sized metal or wooden elephant figurine in middle of your table and can fill your adornment with positive vibes. These figurines will not only give good vibes but will also enhance the decor beauty of your home.
Elephant Brass Statue, Stone work, Handcrafted, Traditional
Pair of brass statue with stone work
By keeping the elephant figurine in any way will always bring good luck in your home. As this animal is associated with lord Buddha and Lord Ganesha, it is believed in Feng Shui also that by placing this in your home brings academic success and energise the career. So by keeping this in your home will not only solve your decorative purpose but also will welcome good luck and prosperity.