6 Mind-blowing tips for a Rajasthani Theme decor

Every one of us wants to decor our living area in a unique way but ends up in decorating in the same way. Because we all choose from the going theme and as a result the living area looks the same as the other. So to make a change in your living area, you can switch the theme of your ambiance from modern to an exclusive Traditional style ambiance. Here is how you can change it and can make it look more interesting and lively.

Rajasthani Style wall Hanging
Rajasthani Style wall Hanging


Switch to Low lying decor options:

The very first thing you have to do in order to change the look of your ambiance in a traditional style is to switch the seating option in low lying. And for low-lying, you can pair your low heightened tea table or coffee table with Bajot or Chowki. To make the seating more comfortable and pretty you can use traditional kathiyawadi embroidery worked cushion and could make them place on those bajots. Along with bajot you can also use a wooden low heightened stool or can also opt floor seating options.

Low Sitting Furniture, Rajasthani Style decor
Low Sitting Furniture

Add earthy colors:

To give a traditional touch in the ambiance it is advised to use earthy colors like red, burnt orange, brick red, dark woody color etc. these colors can be included in the ambiance by making the feature wall painted by these color. You can also use eye catchy Rajasthani tones like emerald blue, peacock blue, yellow, natural hues of sky blues etc in your cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains or in your wall arts.

Rajasthani theme decor
Rajasthani theme decor

Decor wall with traditional touch:

Next Rajasthani theme impact can be created by working a little on the walls. On walls, you can hang traditional style handcrafted Jharokha or Rajasthani style hand painted miniature paintings. You can also hang decorative hangings having Kishangarh Painting on it. Your walls can also be decorated by hanging traditional style key holders.

Miniature Paintings, Rajasthani Style Decor, Handcrafted
Miniature Paintings


Lightning in royal style:

Lightning the ambiance also plays a major role in setting the decor in Rajasthani style. Instead of choosing modern designs Lamps and Lights choose some antique style options; like you can opt a traditional lantern style lamp made from marble having a pretty meenakari work on it. The ambiance can also be decorated with antique style tealight holders which will give an old rustic charm and will brighten the ambiance in a royal style.

Go for wooden furniture decor:

A material is also a vital thing which should not be overlooked while setting a Rajasthani themed ambiance. Always choose wooden furniture over any other furniture while setting a traditional theme. The wooden furniture will give a royal and ethnic look in your ambiance and will also enhance the grace of your decor. Also, this Wooden Furniture will blend immensely well with the ambiance.

Rajasthani Wooden Furniture
Wooden Furniture


Include Rajasthani style add-ons:

With respect to above, all the points add some more traditional décor in your interiors. You can add antique flower vases, traditional style hand painted Matki which you can place anywhere in your living area. You can also opt from antique style marble vases with meenakari work or some hand painted Kishangarh paintings .

Rajasthani Style Decor
Rajasthani Style Decor

4 Most Important Vastu tips that should not be ignored

One of the most important and holy Corner in any home is the place where prayer is performed, and this place is also called pooja ghar. Although the place is itself divine and brings positive energies in a home, but designing the place according to Vastu enhances the positivity in the environment and all around. And there are so many suggestions by which you can increase the tranquility.
Pooja Thali
Pooja Thali

Direction as per the vastu :

The first thing comes is the direction and according to that the North East Zone or the Eeshan Corner is the best-suited area for placing the pooja ghar. This direction is always considered for worshipping because it receives the purifying rays of rising sun, which purifies the atmosphere and brings positivity into our Homes. It is also suggested not to locate the pooja room in the southeast, as these directions, are ruled by Yama & Agni, respectively.
Pooja Room,vastu  tips
Pooja Room

Location as per the vastu:

After direction, the next thing comes is the area in which you place the pooja ghar. It is advised not to place pooja ghar in a bedroom, and if no option is left then try not to point your feet towards the direction of the Pooja Ghar. Avoid locating pooja ghar above the washroom area or opposite to this area to prevent negative energies spoiling the auspicious atmosphere of the room. The room should also not to constructed under a staircase, instead of that locate the pooja room Brahmasthana.
God Idols, pooja ghar
God Idols

Shape as per the vastu:

Next, to the location the shape of the pooja ghar also matters a lot. It is suggested to make the roof of pooja ghar in dome or pyramid shape. This shape facilitates the smooth flow of positive energies from the tip to a dome of a pyramid in the Area. This kind of shape also assists in meditation. Use soft colors on the walls of your pooja area like white, yellow, blue or violet, as these colors will not distract while praying.
Pooja Mandir, direction, vastu tips
Pooja Mandir

Placing of Deity:

Another thing comes is the placing of idols. While placing the idols, the height of the lords should not be more than 18 inches and should always place on a platform. It is also suggested to avoid the display of dead family members along with the Deities. And if you are wanting to keep all the holy books inside the pooja room then make the placing along the south and west wall.
Pooja Thali, vastu tips
Pooja Thali
The lamp and Deepak should be placed in the southeast direction, governed by Agni. North-East is generally the direction which is recommended for locating the idols or pictures of various Gods, but different lords have variant holy locations. Like Ganesha, Kuber, Durga in the north direction and facing south. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya in the east and facing towards the north. And lord Hanuman always in a north-east direction facing south.
These are some most important Vastu tips for every home, which will increase the spirituality in your home.

5 Fantastic Space savvy decor options

We all want to make our ambiance look great, but also suffers a lot with the space issue. To resolve the space issue we compromise with the products and ditch many of our favorite products. So to overcome this problem here is five Amazing Products which you can use in your ambiance. These products will not only look good in the adornment but will also be a convenient solution.
Ambiance with wooden furniture, decor options

Traditional Chest of drawers:

While decorating your compact size living space, you want something that can hold your small or big clutter also. So to make that wish true Chest of Drawer is the thing which suffices this need. You can make it place in your living area and can store your small or big belongings in it. Also, the top of this chest of drawer can also be used to display your antiques and frame, which cut downs the need of display unit and hence saves a lot of space.
Chest of drawers, Wooden Furniture, Traditional, Handcrafted
Wooden Chest of Drawers

Beautiful Wardrobes:

Wardrobes are the must needed thing at home, but it also covers a lot of space, so switching from your old regular looking almirah to a traditional looking Wardrobe is a smart space savvy advice. These wardrobes are one of that decor product which offers utility without compromising the beauty. If you are placing this wardrobe in living area, then you can keep your documents and important papers inside and can de-clutter the adornment.
Wardrobe, Woden Wardrobe, Furniture,decor options

Classy Stools & Settees For Decor Purpose:

Seating options are the key factors on which the space of the area depends. If you own a low spaced area and finding difficult to hold some rarely usable objects, then you can go for seating options which come with storage option beneath. And these Stools & Settees also look magnificent in your decor with respect to solving the storage issue. These storage Stools are so amazing that they can be placed anywhere in the house; so these options can also be used as a trunk to store your clutter.
Stools & Settees, Furniture, Handcrafted,decor options
Stools & Settees

Artistic Key-Holders:

Key holders are also a small but space savvy decor, objects for every home. Like the spaces which have fewer shelves or no shelves they can opt to Buy Key Holders with pockets so that with respect to hanging your keys, small possessions or documents can also be kept inside. These key holders are generally wall mounted so they do not cover any floor space and hence they save the space with respect to decor your wall.
Key Holder, Wood key holder, Traditional,decor option
Key Holder


Colorful Magazine Holder For Decor:

Arranging space for magazines and newspapers is also a problem, to overcome that problem you can buy some portable or basket like a Magazine Holder. This type of magazine holder you can place anywhere in your house like on a table, on side shelf of your bed. These shelves not only hold the scattered clutter but also give an adorable look in your ambiance.
Magazine Holder, Rajasthani Style, Traditional, Kishangarh Painting
Magazine Holder
These are some amazing products which you can buy for your home and can decorate your home in a smart way.

6 Mistakes that decrease the beauty of your wall decor

Walls are the main focal point of any home décor, and we all try utmost to make them look great. But while in process of making them look good we commit some common yet big mistakes which decrease the charm of your wall decor. Wanted to know what are those mistakes have a look on below points.
Wall frame, Wall Display
Wall Frame

Overcrowding on wall:

Overstuffing is the first thing which makes your wall look ugly. We know you have, so many wall décor but placing them all on a single wall is not a good idea. Also, sometimes people end up by fixing the wall décor on every wall of the home, which again makes the ambiance cluttered. Instead of that you should hang or place the paintings, antique watches, Frames etc. according to space of your wall.
Wall Frames, Wall Hangings, paintings
Wall Frames

Choosing wrong colors of wall:

Color selection is also one of the major reasons which affect your décor ambiance. Sometimes some people choose dark shade even if space is less of the area, which makes the ambiance look more cluttered. If you own a less space then you must choose light shades, which will make your space look wider and also your wall frames and wall Clocks will become a focal point they will not overshadow.
Wall Art, Wall Hangings,wall paintings
Wall Hangings

Hanged wall decor on wrong height:

The next thing comes is the height on which you making your wall art hanging. Sometimes this is hanged on so height that one have to stretch the neck for viewing. Also, sometimes it is hanged on so low height that it just overcrowds the space. So, your artwork should be hanged on a proper height not so heightened not so low. And check on the size of your Art if it is too big then place it on average height and if it’s an antique clock then slightly above the average height.
Mirrors, Frame
Wall Mirrors

Placing of wall decor in the wrong direction:

Wall art include paintings, frames, antique timepieces, wall hangings, wall mounted key holders, spiritual paintings etc. So sometimes the placing of these arts in wrong way makes the ambiance look odd. Placing wall clocks on the back side of your sitting area not only make your wall clock disappear also it makes no sense. And if you want to hang a spiritual hanging make it place according to Vastu so that it will benefit the ambiance.
Jharokha mirror frame, Traditional jharokha,handcrafted jharokha

Inadequate wall light:

Lightning is also a major concern which is mostly overlooked and that makes the décor look worse. Sometimes the bright lights are used which vanish the looks of the décor art and sometimes the lights are so dull that the art pieces are not properly visible. Lightning should be layered according to space and wall paints.
Ambiance, Home Decor

Avoiding Mix & Match wall decor:

In order to set a theme, most of the people end up choosing matching-matching Artwork which ends up in making the wall look boring. To give a lifelike look you should try mix & match as this will give a new and exciting look in your ambiance.
Contemporary style furniture
Contemporary style furniture
These are the major mistakes which usually people commit while decorating their wall. By avoiding these things and making some smart changes one can easily make you adornment look more classy and more beautiful.

5 Super easy tips to make your wood furniture last forever

Wood furniture is a treasured possession in any home, you had spent a good amount of money on purchasing them. None of us changes the furniture frequently as setting a new setup and buying a new one can be a bit hard and expensive too. So smartness is maintaining your Furniture and that can be done by some simple methods, to know what are they continue reading.
 Furniture Care tips
Wood Furniture
keep your wood furniture Away From Heat and Light:
Naturally, wood contains a sufficient amount of moisture and preserving the appropriate amount of moisture is a key to preserving your furniture for decades. So, making them place near excessive heat and light moisture is absorbed which lessens the age of your furniture. It is suggested not to place your furniture where direct sunlight comes and also where there is excessive humidity. Make the placing of your Beautiful Furniture in proper weather.
Furniture Care Tips, Protection from heat
Protection of Furniture

Guard from Damage:

In everyday life, there are so many things which unknowingly hurt the furniture. Beverage sweating, glass rings on the surface, heat from hot dish can ruin the wood finish. To avoid this, use Tea Coasters and place your coffee mugs or tea cups on it. Always use trivets when you are serving something hot on your table. Don’t drag anything sharp or rough surfaced things on your table as it will give scratches to your furniture.
Tea Coaster, Wooden coasters
Tea Coasters

Clean your wood furniture Smartly & Safely:

When it comes to cleaning, dust your furniture frequently as Occasionally will require a heavier cleaning. For removing greasy stains and smoke film use an oil soap solution or gently you can dip a sponge in that solution and can wipe through it. Do not use a rough duster; use a soft cloth for wiping the dust. And dusting with a dry cloth will scratch your, so lightly spritz your cleaning cloth.
Surface Cleaning
Surface Cleanng

Moisturise your wood furniture:

Like a human body, even the furniture also needs a moisturizer to nourish their skin. For nourishing your furniture surface you can choose from waxing or polishing depending upon the situation. When your furniture is a bit older then you should go for a wax, because it will heal the scratches and damps and will give a long lasting coating. And when your furniture is not hat old and just to give a glossy touch you can use a polish.
Painting, Wood protection, furniture care tips

Swap & Rearrange:

Most of us gravitate to our favorite places and that particular furniture piece becomes a mostly usable furniture compare to others. So for avoiding that thing you should shuffle or rearrange your furniture piece so that all the furniture bears same weight. Also, this applies to the Upholstery and cushions surrounded by your furniture.
Furniture, Furniture Care tips
Wood Furniture
These are simple and easy tricks which will make your furniture survive for decades. Use them and save money.