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7 Feng Shui Tips To Invite Good Fortune

Whether you are superstitious or not, everyone wants a good fortune in their house. In back of the mind of every homemaker, another thing which continuously revolves beside the home decor is good fortune. And when talking about good luck the first thing which helps like a magic stick in inviting happiness and good luck is Feng Shui.

Feg Shui is the ancient Chinese arrangement of things which enhances the flow of positive energy in the adornment. One of the best advantages of this art is you can make your home look prettier by adding these techniques. So to charm up your home with beauty and positivity here are some easy Feng Shui tips.

Play with different shapes:

Shapes matter a lot in feng shui because they allow energy to settle in. For inviting good fortune you need all five shapes of the element. The five elements are Earth (square), Metal (round), Water (wavy), Wood (rectangular) and Fire (triangular). So involve all these shapes in your ambiance by using different décor objects.

Ambience with different shapes, Home Decor Ideas

Clutterless home:

The fundamental rule of Feng Shui is to keep your home clean and clutter free. The ambiance should always be clean to in habitat the positive energy. By de-cluttering your home from waste and the unused object you also create space in your home and which make you feel good.

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Plant the lucky seed:

Going green is also one of the tips of this technique. Growing plants represents growth so expand your good fortune by placing a healthy plant in one of the corners of your home. You can opt from Bonsai or money plant. And after placing the pot, put three coins under the vase.

Indoor Plants in bedroom, Indoor plants, Bedroom ambience


Add water element:

According to Feng Shui by adding water element in a home you invite good fortune. For adding water element you can place a fountain or if space is less you can go for aquarium also. While placing aquarium the three ideal places are front entrance, the far left corner or the center portion of the left side of your home

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Welcome Lord Buddha Statue:

Lord Buddha is the symbol of calm and peace, so placing a figurine will be ideal for all styles of ambiance. You can choose from laughing Buddha, Meditating Buddha, Buddha Face, Sleeping Buddha etc. But before placing make sure to place it at the entrance of the home and never in the bedroom.

Budha Brass Statue, Buddha Statue, Brass Statue, Decorative statue, Home Decor

Add Elephant Symbol:

These large, gentle animals are viewed as wise and loyal. According to Feng Shui keeping a symbol of an elephant in the home is considered as lucky. Place a mini figurine of Elephant in your home to protect your family from negative energy.

Traditional Multi Colored Elephant Table Base, Home Decor
Traditional Multi Colored Elephant Table Base

Place mirror:

In Feng Shui mirrors are used to invite positive energy and good fortune. Always place the mirror where it reflects a beautiful view from your garden or outside. As this will fill your home with freshness and positive energy.

Handcrafted Mirror Frame, Rajasthani Mirror Frame, Home Decor, Traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts

These are some simple tips of feng shui which will fill your home with good fortune and positive energy. And for applying these you don’t have to do much, you just have to make some simple changes.

7 Amazing Budget Friendly Decor tips for any Home

Whoever thinks beauty comes with a price tag has always emptied their pockets for decorating their ambiance. Sprucing up your home doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on decoration; you have to be smart enough to figure out what is worth investing. So to make your task easy and hassel free here are some amazing budget friendly decor tips. Which will make your ambiance look super pretty without spending much.

Shop Smart:

The first thing to ace the home décor is shop smart. While purchasing the décor object offline you invest your time and money both, and mostly end up in paying heavy bills. So ditch this and choose a authentic online store and do your purchase. One of the best thing about online stores is that it offers great discount so you may get the product in half price.

Double Duty Decorative:

One of the key points in a Budget friendly decor tips is to always look for double functioning décor object. By choosing double duty décor object you can solve two purposes without spending two times separately. Like go for a decorative Rajasthani style key holder with pockets; as this will suffice the need for wall décor and you can keep your important belongings inside also.

Go Green:

Going green is one of the easiest budget friendly decor tips which can be applied to any house type and any style of ambiance. You just have to buy some beautiful indoor plants and display it in your ambiance. If not possible then go for artificial plans or flowers and decorate it in any corner of your home.

DIY works as magic:

Do it yourself is one of the cheapest budget friendly decorating tips. Let your inner artist come out. If you are creative and loves do crafts then go and make your own. You can create something from old antiques or unused things and can decorate it in your ambiance.

Mismatch your furniture:

One of the wisest and easiest features of budget friendly decor tips is mismatching your furniture. Every time for renovating your home you need not to buy a new set of furniture just mismatch it with another furniture and give a dramatic appeal to your ambiance. You can add a pretty Meenakari stool with your modern themed couches and can make it look different.


De-cluttering is the only one of budget friendly decor tips which involve zero spending. Sometimes you just need to de-clutter your environment to make it look good and beautiful. Swap off the things which are kept unnecessarily in your ambiance and make your ambiance look beautiful

Experiment with lights:

Budget friendly decor tips always include experimenting with lights. The adventure with light does not include buying expensive chandeliers just buy some fragmented candles or marble lanterns under rupees 1500. You can also choose from beautiful traditional style tealight holder which will cost you under rupees 600.

Ambience With Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holders, Home Decor Tips

11 Budget Friendly Rajasthani Handicraft Under Rs-999

Decorating home can be a big challenge, especially when there is a strict budget in place. Budget plays an important role while choosing decorative.  Exclusivity never depends on price and just like that for giving a classy look you need not to buy expensive décor objects. So, for adding classy charm to your décor here are 12 budget-friendly Rajasthani Handicraft under rupees 999…

Metal Meenakari – Swan Mother & Child

Meenakari is one of the oldest exclusivity that immediately adds a royalty in your décor. This beautiful pair of Swan with traditional Meenakari will be a great option for your display unit. This classy Rajasthani handicraft will cost you only Rupees 640.

Metal Meenakari, Swan Decorative Statue, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan
Metal Meenakari

Decorative Horse

This traditional style metal horse is a perfect accent piece for your home. With every intricate artwork on the figurine, it has metal hangings which will give a melodious sound like a wind chime. This pretty Rajasthani handicraft will cost you only Rupees 750.

Decorative Horse, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home Decor, Traditional Handicrafts
Decorative Horse

Decorative Pair of Musician

For those who love sparkly gloss, this Rajasthani Handicraft is specially customized for them. With a set of two metal statues, this decorative pair of musician will be perfect for your both modern or traditional theme Ambiance. You can buy it online at a price of only Rupees 680.

Set of Musician-rajasthani-traditional-handcrafted-metal figurine

Pair of female Labour – Rajasthani Metal Art

Give a dash of vintage touch with this beautifully handcrafted Rajasthani handicraft. This beautiful pair of metal figurine will look immensely classy in both your living & bedroom area. This pair of beauty will cost you only Rupees 750.

Pair of female Labour - Rajasthani Metal Art, Rajasthani handicraft

Decorative Metal Vase

Ditch the idea of expensive glass flower vase, and replace it with this traditional handcrafted metal Vase. With a beautiful Rajasthani folk art, this vase with bright color will give a dramatic appeal to your dull ambiance. Buy it online at rupees 980 only.

Decorative Metal Vase, Rajasthani Handicraft, Traditional Vases, Home Decor

Wooden Peacock Set – Wood Art

Sometimes just by simply adding a wooden touch, you can uplift the grace of your living area. This classy set of the wooden peacock will be a perfect add-on for your corner unit. Ether place it together on a single shelf or arrange it in any pattern on a different shelf. You can buy this Rajasthani handicraft only in Rupees 980.

Wooden Peacock Set - Wood Art, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Wooden Crafts, Home Decor, Peacock Set

Ganpati With Dholak

Need not to buy bulky and expensive brass statues of Lord Ganpati for enhancing an exclusive divine touch in your adornment. Simply sprinkle the spirituality of Lord Ganpati in just Rupees 820. Make it place in your living, dining, bedroom, study or kitchen area without any extra space coverage.

Ganpati With Dholak, Ganpati Statue, Rajasthani Handicrafts

Antique Metal Show Piece

Without spending too much on antiques, you still can adore your ambiance with this glossy metal figurine. This handcrafted metal showpiece has elegant carvings which will give an exclusive touch. With a sassy gloss, this Antique Metal Show Piece can be purchased at a pocket-friendly price of rupees 860.

Antique Metal Show Piece, Rajasthani Handicraft, Metal Figurines, Rajasthani Art work

Rajasthani Gaj Tea Light Holder

Why to empty your pockets on a fancy and costly chandelier and night lamps, when you still can create that royal effect with this Rajasthani handicraft. Brighten up your ambiance like the royal era of kings with this pretty Tea Light holder in just Rupees 880.

Rajasthani Gaj Tea Light Holder, Traditional Tea Light Holder, Rajasthani handicrafts

Hand-Painted Decorative Key Holder

Do not pay separately for utility and beauty when you can get both in single price. This Hand-Painted Decorative Key Holder will offer you utility and beauty to your wall also. This space savvy key holder is best for a small spaced house. You can buy this online at Rupees 880 only.

Rajasthani hand-painted key Holder, Wodoen key Holders, Wall Key holders, Rajasthani Handicraft

Mukhwas Box with Miniature Painting

Let your coffee table be the center of attraction. Complement your coffee table with an exclusive touch of Rajasthani miniature art by adorning this Mukhwas Box. This wooden box will give a charming appeal to your boring table and will make it look dapper. Buy this beautiful mukhwas box online at Rupees 480 only.

Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Gifts,


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Diwali Pooja Vastu Tips For Inviting Prosperity

As the Diwali is arriving, we all are excited about welcoming Goddess Lakshmi Ji in our home. Diwali is a time to pray to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali Pooja to bring prosperity and wealth in your life. Just Like the festival, the pooja ritual performed on this day is too auspicious and should be done in a proper manner to welcome goddess for health and wealth. So to perform the pooja in the correct manner and to invite health and wealth here is Diwali Pooja Vastu Tips.

Location of Diwali Pooja:

It is suggested that the place of pooja must be in Ishan Corner according to vastu. As this corner lies in the north-east direction of the house and it is also considered as the corner of God. The Ishan Corner has the abundance of positive energy so it is the perfect place.

And because of some reason when you are not able to worship in this direction you can use east direction as well to perform Diwali Puja. East, Northeast, North directions are usually considered favorable direction for inviting wealth and health.

Placement of God idols:

While doing Diwali Pooja you must always strive to place statues of Gods in an accurate manner. It is advised to never put idols of same God next to each other. Always position the idol of Goddess Laxmi in the center with Lord Ganesha on her left and Goddess Saraswati on her right.

Also, make sure, the idols are in a sitting position and are not facing the door of the room or another. Place the idols in a north-east direction and keep water pictures or “Kalash” either in east or north of the puja room.

De-clutter the ambiance:

Before you do Diwali pooja make sure your home is de-cluttered properly. As cleanliness is next to godliness, so clean your home very carefully, to invite positive vibes and banish the sloth. If your house is stuffed with useless things you are blocking the divine energy and Goddess Laxmi to your house on the night of Diwali.

Decoration of pooja room:

Decorate your Diwali pooja room with fresh flowers and invite Goddess Lakshmi with positive energy. Avoid decorating the pooja room with excess red light. Excess of red bulbs will have a negative effect. You can use green lights in the office and yellow lights at home. Also while decorating the pooja room give a check on the furniture of the home as it should not block the way of a door of pooja room.

Placement of diya:

According to vastu while doing Diwali pooja Deepak should be placed in east or west direction. As the facing of God is in the east or west direction, so adjacent to that direction you should place the diya. And it is always advised to put an odd number of flame in the same lamp like 1, 3, 5 etc.

So while performing Diwali pooja always keep these point in mind to invite health, prosperity, positive vibes and wealth.





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8 Beautiful Diwali Gift Options For Your Peer Group

As the Diwali festival is rushing, the joy of festival is also rushing. The delightful time of year has finally arrived; it is the time for some sweets and some beautiful Diwali decoration.  As the crackers and decoration is the main part of Diwali decoration just like that another important thing about this festival is the Diwali gift.

Gifts exchange is the very important part of Diwali as it doubles the joy festival. Choosing a gift is sometimes as hard as choosing a right décor for your home. So to lower the confusion save the time here are 8 gifts options which you can consider while choosing a gift for your near and dear one.

Tea-Light Holders

Diwali is the festival of lights so gifting light options to brighten their décor is the best gift anyone could receive. And for gifting lights, you can opt for beautiful tea-light holders as Diwali gift. There are many options from which you can choose, but again it depends on the ambiance. If you are gifting it for office area then go for wall mounted and if for personal space you can choose from metallic traditional tea-light holders.

Lantern Style Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holder, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decoration

Wine Boxes

Wine box is one of the best Diwali gifts which you can gift to a friend. While gifting rare wine instead of doing a normal gift wrapping go for an exclusive wine box packing. You can choose from handcrafted Rajasthani Style Wine boxes having a beautiful traditional painting or having some animal face in front.

Rajasthani Wine Box, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decoration

Metal Decorative

Metal decorative is the versatile Diwali Gift which will suit any ambiance; be it a modern or a traditional themed decor. You can opt from beautifully handcrafted metal figurines or Rajasthani metal handicrafts with beautiful hand-paints.

Blue Decorative Tribal Lady, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decor

Hand-painted Tea-Coasters

Tea-Coasters are evergreen Diwali Gift which is full of utility. This option can also be used as bulk gifting options for corporate and official purposes as they are economical. But while choosing it for your near and dear one, you can opt from Miniature painting painted Tea-Coasters of Rajasthani theme. The wooden handcrafted tea-coasters are the exclusive gift option which will be adored by everyone.

Set of Six Tea-Coaster with Rajasthani Painting, Corporate Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Rajasthani Handicrafts

Marble Artifacts

When you want to gift classy beauty as Diwali gift always choose marble artifacts. Marble handicrafts are always a beautiful piece of art which immediately gives a royal charm to any ambiance. You can gift, traditional marble lanterns, Marble Lamps, Marble Statues etc.

Marble Mobile Stand, Marble Handicrafts, Corporate gifts, Diwali Gifts

Mukhwas Box

Mukhwas box is one of the Diwali gift options, which comes with utility and beauty. Mukhwas box is the economical yet super classy gifts which can also be used as corporate gift options. You can choose from a handcrafted Rajasthani wooden Mukhwas box, hand-painted boxes, and metallic boxes.

Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Gifts,

Magazine Holders

Although magazine holder is a common Diwali gift option, it will be a bliss for those who are into reading. So if you have any friend who loves to read than magazine holders are perfect gift options. You can choose from portable magazine holder so that they can carry them wherever they are moving. Also a hand-painted with Rajasthani art on will add class to your gift.

Traditional paintings

There nothing more beautiful than gifting a piece of art, and they the joy doubles when the receiver is art admirer. You can choose from small sized canvas painting, traditional Rajput Paintings, Rajasthani Miniature painting as they will create a mesmerizing effect in the adornment.

Miniature Painting , Rajasthani Painting, Diwali Gifts, Corporate Gifts