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Know How Your Marble Handicraft Is Crafted

When you hear the word marble, the first thing which strikes in mind is the beauty of the marble stone. From one of the wonders Taj Mahal to a small marble vase, the exclusivity of marble stone always outshines like a king. But ever wondered how the beauty on Marble handicraft is created?

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It begins with….

The first step of sculpting includes the selection of best marble stone. Although there are numerous variants of marble stones one of the best qualities which are considered is the one which comes from Makrana.

In India, Marble handicraft process carried out in two places i.e. Rajasthan & Agra. Rajasthan is also known as the land of Rajputs and is considered as a colorful cultural hub. In the ruling period of Rajputs, most of the arts were introduced and crafting of marble handicraft was one of them.

Sculpting of marble handicraft, traditional marble handicraft

A process of marble inlaying work is a traditional art which is preserved from ages and still, it is being continued. Initially, in the royal era, the exclusive pieces of art were made from marble stones and sometimes the palaces were also made from this stone.

The process starts with…

Sculpting of marble handicraft is done by highly skilled professionals. Vrindavan, Mathura, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Bikaner which are very famous for this marble inlay work. The technique which is used is known as Parchin Kari work.

The intricate work which you have seen on the walls of Taj Mahal and your favorite Marble handicraft is Parchin work only. This craft flourished and reached its peak during the era of the Mughals in Medieval India and especially after the construction of the Taj Mahal.

Crafting of marble handicraft, Home decor marble handicraft

It is basically a process of inlaying colored marbles or semi-precious stones into a stone base, often in geometric or flower patterns. Firstly the design or the pattern is carved on the marble with the help of a chisel or any sharp object.

The chisel is worked through hammer or stone. In this process the metal is carefully shaped into minute petals, leaves etc. according to designs. “Often a single flower is composed of about 0 pieces that may take a whole week of painstaking shape and inlay.”

Marble Handicraft of Rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan

Shallow carving is done on marble so the stones can be embedded. After carving the shallow surface is coated with red earth which makes the details of your marble handicraft stand out. Later the depressions are filled in with white cement, which melts on heating.

Marble Handicrafts crafting, sculpting of handicrafts

After that the stones or metals are laid in that space & surface is buffed and polished. Different craftsman performs different steps while carving a Marble handicraft. Because of taking care of every single step minutely, marble handicraft is a magical piece of art.

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Every single stroke on marble has a unique story and style which gives a royal feel to the artwork. And because of the beautiful combination of colors and texture, it automatically becomes the eye catchy handicraft.


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Know 7 Secret Interior Decoration Tips Of Famous Interior Decorators

Beautifying home is an art. And we all want to decorate our home like professionals, but sometimes we do not manage to do so. To cure your professional needs here are some professional interior decoration tips that will beautify your abode in a classy way.

Set a color tone to your front door

First impression is the last impression. So if you want your house to make a great first impression, paint the front door with a fun, glossy & bright color. Or instead of painting the main door with a bright color you can hand-paint any pattern or design. Making the main door creative instantly grabs the eyes of onlookers and make your home look more beautiful.

Front Color Door Theme, interior decoration tips

Let your Sofa talks to your chair

The key thing about any interior decoration is the sitting arrangement. Just think about a hotel lobby you feel relaxed and connected to your mate, why? Because the furniture is arranged in groupings that invite conversation.  The conversation area of your home should have a U-shape sitting sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table. Or an H-shape, with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle.

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Splash the beauty of lighter colors in interior decoration:

The beauty of lighter shades is that it gives you instant peace and more spacious look. By painting the walls with the lighter shade you give a space to experiment. You can also play with lighting options, go for brighter light and give a soothing effect to your adornment. To give a special vibrant effect, indulge bright color décor options with the light shade and give your home a sassy look.

Lighter theme decor, Interior decoration

The magic of hanging the artwork at right height

Hanging the artwork at a right height place an important role in interior decoration. Most people hang artwork too high. Situate the part at that place so its bottom is only three to eight inches above furniture—lower for large pieces and slightly higher for small pieces. When there’s too much space between furniture and a painting, the eye rests on the void, blank wall between the two pieces.

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Create space with the right mirror placement

Never underestimate the power of mirror in your interior decoration. The power of mirror is that it can make space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room. But by placing one in the wrong spot can almost be as bad as not having one at all. Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can actually bounce the light right back out the win

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Add wooden grace

Adding wooden grace is never out of date in any interior decoration. A class of wood will always ravish your ambiance in a classy way. Go for wooden furniture instead of metallic furniture. You can add wooden handicrafts also in your adornment or can go for wooden jharokhas.

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Set a theme

There is nothing wrong when you are planning to set a themed interior decoration. Play and experiment with mix and match. Add Rajasthani themed handicrafts in a sassy styled ambiance and make it look unique and different. Add vibrant colors with a lighter shade and create a focal point in the adornment.

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Radha Krishna brass Statue - Brass statues, Lord Krishna Statues Online

Vastu Tips For Placing Lord Krishna Statue To Invite Prosperity

Lord Krishna is also known as the epitome of love. According to Shastras Lord Krishna is also one of the charming gods who had the elemental quality of attracting everyone who came in contact with him. So keeping a Lord Krishna Statue in a home is very beneficial and divine. But only placing randomly will not invite wealth and prosperity so, here is some vastu guide which should follow while placing Lord Krishna Statue.


First thing to consider while placing Lord Krishna Statue is the direction. It is suggested to place the idol in the northeast corner of the house and preferably it should face either east to west or west to east.


Second thing to consider is the height of the place where you are placing your idol. It should not be too heightened or at the ground level. Always choose a medium height so while doing worship you can easily see the Lord Krishna Statue.

Holy Krishna Brass Statue with Glossy Finish, Krishna Statue Online


Third thing is about the place where you are locating the Lord Krishna Statue. Although you can keep the divine statue anywhere in your home; but always remember the direction of the face of a statue which should be in east or west. Never place the statue, near your bathroom or bedroom area.

Direction of light:

Worshipping the Lord Krishna Statue is incomplete without proper lighting. While lighting the direction of diyas or candles should be in the south-eastern side of the mandir. This direction is supposed to be auspicious for the home and people living in it. It always attracts positivity with repsect to money and happiness.

Brass Krishna statue, Lord Krishna Statue Online

Type of Statue:

Fifth thing is the choosing the right Lord Krishna Statue. If you are about to welcome a new baby then you can place a Laddu Gopal (child version of Lord Krishna ). And if you are planning to gift it to your friend who recently got married than choose a Radha-Krishan Pair. If you want to place it in your living area then you can choose a Krishan statue with calf.


From the ancient stories, it is believed that Lord Krishna loves makhan and misri. So after doing pooja offer lord Krishna misri along with some white butter as bhog. Use Chandan(Sandal)  scents and Chandan tilak to offer lord Lord Krishna Statue while worshipping.

Decorative Radha Krishna, Lord Krishna Statue Online

This is a belief as Krishna in any form is believed to be a powerful, charming and positive sight. If you are surrounded by difficulties and problems in business, placing a picture or painting of Lord Krishna and Radha playing the flute will only bring in more peace and harmony.  It is also said that Krishna’s flute takes away all your problems.


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8 Vastu Tips To Invite Wealth & Prosperity In Your Lives

In today’s busy schedule we all are living life with full of worries and hassle. Although to keep the worries away we usually do so many things but somehow lack. But by simply adding easy and little vastu tips you can easily invite wealth & prosperity in our lives. These tips are not only easy but are must to be added to your lifestyle.

Placing Of Main Door:

According to Vastu tips, start with the direction of the main door of the home. The direction of the man door can determine the inflow of the money in the home. If the main door is in the favorable direction of an individual, it can bring good luck.

Placement Of Pooja Ghar:

The second place which plays a major role according to vastu tips is the pooja ghar. This place occupies a lot of positive energy so always place your lords in North East corner. Also, keep the North-east corner clean as it is believed that Lord Kuber rules this corner.

Location Of Safe or Locker:

According to Vastu tips, safe should always be placed in the south or south-west direction so that it opens in the north. Also, the safe should never be near a window, ventilator, the main door or the back door.

Fish aquarium to invite wealth

It is suggested to keep the fish aquarium in the north or east direction of the living room according to Vastu tips. The water elements bring prosperity and wealth and also keep the tank clean and hygienic to attract positive energies.

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The direction of Staircase:

According to Vastu tips, the construction of staircase should be in west or south direction only and never in the north-east direction. Also, the number of steps in a staircase should always be in odd. Never place your lords under the space of staircase.

Color Selection:

In the north direction, it is advised to make blue is main color according to Vastu tips. Avoid red shade, designating space for kitchen and toilet. Avoid dark colors in the home to invite peace and prosperity and to create a spacious arena.

Keeping Money Plant Inside the home:

As per Vastu tips, keeping the money plant in a green vase in the north direction helps attract money and better career opportunities. Even a bamboo plant, a painting of thick forest or lush green field, brings abundance and wealth.

Clocks in the Home:

Clocks are devices that, according to Vastu, energies a direction. Make sure that all clocks in your house are in working condition. It is said that slow or non-functional clocks symbolize delays or stagnation in your finances. Vastu suggests that placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity.

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How to choose wall paint color

What Is Wrong With Your Wall Paint?

Choosing a color of wall paint is the first step of adorning any ambiance. Hence by not taking the first step carefully can make or break your look. Sometimes after choosing the best wall paint for any space, there is something which is still missing. So to figure out what is missing check the below points

Trying to match everything

The first problem with the wall paint is that you always try to match it with your furniture, your furnishing, your décor items etc. And ends up in being too matchy and it doesn’t create any uniqueness. The point of having a color palette is to give a theme to your home and to present a style in any décor.

Wall Paint mistake, How to choose wall color

So rather than matching each and every single thing with the paint make it interesting and choose differently or contrasting furniture & furnishing. Like if the furniture is of dark brown finish then go for soft colors on the paint. And if the finish of your furniture is light and the furnishing fabrics are also of soft color than go for bright color wall paints

Too Dark Too Dusky

Next thing comes is the usage of extremely dark colors on the walls. Basically using of dark color depends on the area where you are painting. If you own a low space then never and ever go for a dark color wall paint as it will make your space look more clumsy. Also if you own a big space and using dark wall paint that too will not look good.

Dark Shade Wall Paint, Mistakes to avoid while painting your wall

For using a dark colored wall paint you can paint your feature wall in dark color and the adjacent walls in the light shade so it will look good. While using a dark color, be very careful about the lights always choose brighter light options.

Mixing too many colors

Although there is no limit of how many colors you can choose, but the more the merrier is not always true. Using too many colors in a single room will make you feel the opposite of peaceful and will also create a confusing environment. Sometimes it even feels like it’s closing in.

Matching Ambience, Wall paint choice

So for a balanced look use set of colors rather than just choosing whatever you want. Choose the wall paint according to a theme so it will give an element to your adornment. Aim for one or two primary colors and a handful of secondary, accent colors

Playing it safe

Sometimes because of confusion you just let the color of your wall paint regular. So by choosing a casual wall paint not only looks dull but also vanish the energy of the area. For that stop playing safe and try a hand on doing experiment with your wall paint.

Dull Ambience, What color not to choose for wall paint

Go for textured wall paints or wild prints. Choose deeper colors like ocean blue combined with plain white and make it look extremely beautiful. Don’t scare, just use color and let the dullness go away by the usage of bright colors.

Using wrong Finish

Sometimes after choosing the right color, still the things don’t go correctly. This thing happens just because of choosing the wrong finish. Something with a bit of sheen could have been better if you went full glossy. And something too shiny really could have been softened with a nice matte finish. Paint up a sample of different finishes when picking out color to see it in the space and in the light.

Wall Paint, Color choice for ambience

Not Applying Properly

After all the procedure from choosing the right paint color to ending it with perfect matte finish still, the wall paint does not look good. And this is because of not applying it properly. Sometimes because of not using proper paint brushes the finishing of colors do not come in a good way. So always go for skilled and certified painters.

Wall Paint, Color selection

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