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Indian Folk Painting- A Treasure In World Of Art

Being culturally diverse and distinct, India is the greatest hub of beautiful folk paintings. Each of the Indian Folk Painting depicts its own story which gives a glimpse of beautiful history. These Indian folk paintings are unique, admirable and inimitable in their own way. So here is the list of top 10 folk arts which have its own history and beauty.


From the kingdom of Raja Janak of Ramayan Kaal, Madhubani painting is the oldest Indian Folk painting. These styles of paintings have a beautiful theme of God & Goddess. The Madhubani is also known as Mithila and it belongs to Bihar, this painting is done mostly by the tribal women of this state. These paintings are best for living room decor.

Mithila Painting of Bihar
Mithila Painting

Miniature Painting

Miniature paintings are the traditional beauty of Rajasthan and one of the gems of Indian Folk Painting. These paintings got their name because of their size and intricate designs. This painting has a unique style in which humans are portrayed with large eyes, a pointed nose and a slim waist, and the male always wears a turban. This style of painting is perfect for office space decor.

Indian Folk Painting, Miniature painting, Paintings of India


Phad is one of the ancient Indian Folk painting. These paintings depict the folk tale of balladeers that travel from village to village performing folk epics. In this style of painting, you will see the pictorial representation of old tales in a beautiful way. These paintings are usually made on cloth or wall and will look good in corridors and entryways.

Phad painting Rajasthan
Phad painting


Warli is a beautiful painting made from the use of circles, triangles, and squares to form numerous shapes and depict daily life activities like fishing, hunting, festivals, dance and more. The beauty of this painting is its color combination. All the paintings are done on a red ochre or dark background, while the shapes are white in color.

Warli Painting


Gond is the beautiful form of Indian folk painting which is a beautiful tribal art. Gond Paintings were used by Gond People as a way to record their history. The art form includes or can be described as “online work”. The artist first draws the inner line and as well as outer lines. This style of painting will give a dramatic look to your boring ambiance.

Gond painting,Tribal painting of India
Gond Painting


Kalamkari is the finest and intricate Indian Folk Painting. To create designs, artists used bamboo or date palm stick pointed at one end to serve as the brush or pen. This painting depicts the scene from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. You will find this style of painting on fabrics also such as sarees, cushion covers pillows, etc.

Kalamkari Paintings, Handicrafts of India, Indian Culture, Art Of India


You can recognize a Thanjavur painting by its use of gold foil, which glitters and lends the painting a surreal look. This Indian folk painting depicts devotion to gods, goddesses, and saints and gives a divine and glossy touch to your ambiance. Tanjore paintings are the best gifting options and also a versatile piece of art which can be hanged anywhere in your home.

Tanjore paintings,Tamilnadu

Cheriyal Scrolls

Cheriyal scroll painting is a stylized version of nakashi art. The most common themes are tales from Krishna Leela, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shiva Purana, Markandeya Purana. These paintings are 40-45 feet scrolls which will look extremely beautiful.

Cheriyal Scroll Painting A story telling on Canvas
Cheriyal Painting


Originated in the 19th century in Bengal this Indian folk painting is the beautiful art which depicts the classy tale of holy epics. Another purpose of this painting was to raise awareness about social conditions in its viewers.

Kalighat Painting the painting art of kolkata, Indian Folk Painting
Kalighat Painting


Originating from the fifth century in religious hubs like Puri and Konark, this Indian Folk Painting is one of the rarest and beautiful artwork. Pattachitra has gone through a commendable transition and the painters have also painted on tussar silk and palm leaves and create wall hangings and showpieces.

Pattachitra style of painting odisha, Indian Folk Painting
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How To Decorate Home According To Vastushastra

Believe it or not, Vastushastra plays an important role in every home décor. It is an ancient art which is widely followed in all aspects. Vastushastra plays an important role in making a house into a home by radiating the right kind of energy. Every home has its own kind of energy and it depends on you only to generate positive energy.

Therefore it is very crucial to generate positive energy at the home for betterment of life. So, here are some vastushastra suggestions for your home to invite prosperity and to maintain a balance between energy flows of your home.

Start with the entrance:

The entrance of any home is the entry point of not only for guest and family but also for energy. It is advised the main door should face the North, East or in North-east direction. You can place water bowls or any water element at the entrance to attract positive energy and repel negative energy. For beautifying décor and calming the environment one can place the statue of lord Buddha.

Energy flow of living area:

In home living room is the most active place of home, it creates a favorable or unfavorable impression on the guest depending upon the energy flow. According to vastushastra, you can place a beautiful mirror on the north wall of your living area. The heavy furniture is advised to place west or south-west direction of the living room.

Hold the cosmic energy of courtyard:

Most of the time courtyard is ignored, but it plays a vital role in Vastushastra. It is the center of your abode and is considered to be the holiest and most powerful zone of the house. Decorate this area with green plants and if possible place a brass Urli. The fresh environment will attract positive vibe. In the courtyard, you can place money plant also for inviting wealth and prosperity.

Increase the spirituality of Pooja Ghar:

Spiritual place or Pooja ghar is the heart of every home. According to vastushastra White, beige, light yellow or green are great color options for this room. The idols should be placed facing East direction. You can hang holy images of God and Goddess on the walls of pooja room. Place a beautiful brass diya in the fire corner of the room to invite energy.

Maintain the balance of bedroom:

A bedroom is the place where you need utmost peace and calmness. According to vastushastra, it is advised to place bed towards South or West wall. Use light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green, etc as wall colors for bedroom. You can also place a Bagua map outside the bedroom wall.



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5 Famous Hand-Woven Embroidery of India

Culture of India suffices many styles of embroidery. Every style of embroidery has its own charm and different style of making. In all the styles of making, hand-woven embroidery is still a mesmerizing beauty. The charm of hand-woven embroidery is unbeatable. Here is the list of best five hand-woven embroidery of India; know why they are unique.


With the royal nawabi culture, Uttar Pradesh has another world famous delicacy and that is Chiakankari.  It started from the ruling period of Mughals and was seen 3rd Century AD during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. Talking about the hand-woven embroidery process, Chikankari is the most intricate style of embroidery.

Process Of Chikankari Embroidery, Handicrafts of India

The process involves printing the design on the fabric using block stamps. After that, the needlework is done. The fabric is set on the frame and then the stitches are done on that design. Each and every single stitch is done with great perfection and extreme detailing. The designs carved to give a rich and 3-dimensional appeal.


The common thing in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi is the hand-woven embroidery Shisha. The beauty of this embroidery is its mirror work. Shisha work is said to be originated from 17th century India. The whole process of this embroidery is done exclusively from hands and which makes it more beautiful.

Shisha Embroidery, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Embroidery

These mirrors are the cuts of mica which are coated with powder to give them reflective look. This shisha embroidery involves pasting the mirrors and the pasting is done through stitches only. You will find beautiful Duppatas, tote bags, bed-sheet, cushion covers, etc. The beauty about this embroidery is the bright colors used which gives a traditional look.


Another beauty of Lucknow is its hand-woven embroidery Zardozi. This is an exclusive artwork of Lucknow which involves metallic bound threads to sew the embellishments on different types of fabric. The beauty of this embroidery is its embellishments which are done by intricate threadwork.

 Zardozi Work, Embroidery Embroidery of India, Handicrafts of India,

The process involves firstly the tracing of design After that, the fabric stretched over the wooden frame. Then through a needle, each zardozi element is pulled out and integrated into the basic design. You can choose beautiful Zardozi fabric for your wardrobe to give a royal plush look to your appeal.


The hand-woven embroidery phulkari is as beautiful as the real flowers. Phulkari is the first choice of every Punjabi girl and also this embroidery was mentioned in the tales of romantic protagonists Heer and Ranjha.

Phulkari, Indian Handicrafts, History Of Indian Handicrafts, History Bite

The technique involves the creation of motifs in a geometric grid, which is the most unique thing about this embroidery. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal thread work is done by hands only for creating a beautiful motif on fabrics. You can own shawls, Dupattas and Punjabi suits of this embroidery for a sassy look.


Gotta-Patti is the royal hand-woven embroidery of Rajasthan which reflects the traditional culture of this state. The cites like Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Udaipur, and Kota are the epicenter of this embroidery. The work includes a ribbon which can be either in gold or silver. Later several shapes and motifs are made from that before being stitched onto the fabric or piece of cloth. The stitching is done exclusively from the hands of a skilled craftsman. You can own traditional wears like Lehenga, sarees, kurtas, dupattas, etc for a beautiful Rajasthani look.

 Gotta-Patti,, rajasthani handicrafts, Embroidery, History Bite,
Gotta -Patti
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Mandana- A Traditional Holy Art of Rajasthan

Art is always celebrated in Rajasthan. Different art has a different story and holds a cultural tradition. And just like that Mandana is one of these traditional cultures of Rajasthan which holds a special place in the beauty of this state. The journey of this art is dramatically interesting, take a visual tour of this beauty.

Rajasthani Art and crafts, Rajasthani Painting, Art and crafts of India

What is Rajasthani Mandana…

Mandana art is a tribal art form which has survived over the ages and is one of the oldest art forms of Rajasthan. The art is done on the walls and floors of the surroundings. This art is a decoration process of floors and walls with beautiful designs. It is a type of Rangoli which is done without colors.

Mandana art of rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Art of India

How Mandana started…

In ancient times people used to live in houses made of mud. And at that time for decorating their home, they used to draw beautiful designs on the walls and floors of their home. The designs were drawn from white Chuna (Chalk Paste) on a brown color surface, which makes it look beautiful. That time people were not able to afford costly colors so they started this method for decoration.

Rajasthani Painting, crafts of Rajasthan, Art of India, Culture of Rajasthan

Making process…

There is a specific process of making Mandana. First, the walls or the surface is plastered with clay; the clay is made from cow dung and water. Then the surface is left for some time so that it gets dry. Then a mixture of chuna and water is made from which the designs are drawn on that surface. Initially, when the brushes were not available the paintings were drawn from the wick of cotton.

Making of Mandana, Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of India, Hand made art of Rajasthan

But with evolution, people started using brushes. The unique thing about this art is its color theme, i.e. white and red. White paint or khadiya is made of chalk while the red paint or geru is made of brick. The designs are drawn from hand and are very intricate and fine. You have to make it correct in one go because you don’t have any option to correct it by rubbing.

Why Mandana’s are made…

Not only for the beauty, but there are other sacred believes also behind the making of these Mandana. The cow dung is meant auspicious according to Hindu mythology so the Mandana becomes sacred too. It is believed that making these in the entrance protect the home from evil vibes. Even now on any auspicious occasion like and Pooja, Birth or marriage function Mandana’s are the first thing which is drawn before starting any function.

Traditional Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of Rajasthan

Nowadays if you are not able to draw one at your home you can buy it also. In the market there are many of the beautiful Mandana designed vases, bed sheet, wall hangings, décor objects are available which you can choose for your home.

Mandana Art, Crafts of Rajasthan, Rajasthani Culture, Tradition of Rajasthan

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How To Place Urli According To Vastu

Vastu plays an important role in everyone’s life. Vastu has five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and space and every element play an important role. While decorating or constructing your home all these elements should be placed according to Vastu for good luck and prosperity. Out of these entire vastu elements, the water element is most important. And to suffice your need for water element Urli is the best option you can choose.

Urli is a beautiful vastu object in the structure of bowl which is generally placed at home by filling water in it. You may be aware of its lots of benefits but with respect to that other important thing is how to place it at home. For good luck and prosperity in your home, note down these important tips for placing Urli.

Brass Urli, Vastu placing of urli according to vastu


Correct Direction:

The first important thing is the correct direction. For placing the water element in the home choose a northeast direction. Always place your water filled urli in north or east direction as this direction signifies coming of wealth. Never place it in the fire direction as it will give a negative effect in the environment of your home.

Urli for prosperity

Place to choose:

After direction, next thing comes is the place. You can place it in pooja room before your idols as that will give a calming vibe. For increasing wealth place it in your living room with clean water and fresh rose petals. For inviting good energy in your home make it place at the entrance of your home. For peace of mind then place it in the east or north direction of your porch area.

Ganpati Brass Urli, Brass Statues, Brass Handicrafts, Vastushatra , Home Decor

Appropriate material:

Material is the third thing which plays an important role in placing an urli. Although there are many options from which you can choose, but the best option is Brass. Urli made from brass will detoxify the environment and will make it happy and calm. If not Brass than you can choose Glass urli also, but never place iron urli as it will give negative effects.

Urli decoration, vastu tips, Home decor

How to decorate Urli:

Decoration also plays a vital role. For inviting new opportunity in carrier and life to decorate it with marigold petals as they are considered sacred. If you are seeking peace then you can use white rose petals. If you want to increase the calmness in the environment you can decorate it with rose petals. For a holly enviroment, you can float sacred diyas or candles also on the water surface.

Vastu Urli, Urli for vastu online, Vastu statues

Mistakes to avoid while placing Urli:

With respect to these things, there are still many things which you must avoid while placing urli. Always clean the water and change it on a regular basis, as fresh water indicates prosperity and flow of wealth. Never put stones for decoration in urli as it will give negative weight to your life. Remember not to place it under a staircase or a closed space as it will stop the flow of good energy.

Brass Urli, Home Decor, Vastu product, Brass statue, Water Bowl
Brass Urli