Why to prefer Brass Statue in your decor

Each and every single object in your decor matters a lot, you choose it very wisely by brainstorming. And when it comes to choosing from decorative Brass statue, you all want a royal looking classy Decorative object.So to suffice that need brass statue is the wonderful thing which you can include in your Decor,as they give both traditional and contemporary look at the same time.Not only looks but there are many more things which make these brass statue a special decorative object, want to know why continue reading…

Sleeping Buddha Brass Statues


Brass Statue:-Looks Creates magic

When it comes to decor, Brass Statues are the one which immediately catches every eye’s attention. Brass figurines look elegant and super classy, as they give both traditional and contemporary look. If you own a traditional theme living area then you can opt from a brass sculpture of bullock cart or a cannon. For a modern theme, you can go for any type of contemporary style brass figurine which you can choose online. And for a spiritual touch, you can choose from divine figurines.
Bird figurine vintage swans


Brass Statue:-Artistic Sculpturing

Another interesting thing about the brass figurines is the way they are manufactured. Brass is a metal which gracefully holds the fine engraving and gives an enticing and unique look in the ambiance. The Sculpturing is done in such a way that it gives a royal antique look in ambiance and enhances the charm of adornment. Some of the brass statues have embellished work of precious stone and that gives a strong base to these kinds of artworks.
pooja shankh

Brass Statue:-Sacred benefits

With great looks, brass metal has many sacred advantages also. Like it is advised to use brass metal utensils as it detoxifies the body like that, brass figurines detoxify the environment and make it happy and calm. Most of the God Figurines are made from this metal so it itself is a holy metal and placing it in the ambiance makes the surrounding happy, calm and energies.

Brass lord ganesha on peacock


Brass Statue:-Withstand the time test

With classy looks and artistic detailing, brass Statues are sturdy and durable also. If you have kids in your home and you are worried about the breaking of your Figurine then these are the perfect solution for your decor. Brass statues withstand the time test and remain as it after year’s usage, as they look antique and royal the charm of these figurines never dies.  Also, the glow and gloss of this metal remain same as it is.
Vintage Lord ganesha statue

Brass Statue:-Easy to care

Caring a brass statue is a very easy task, though brass Statues do not need much care. But when you feel like caring it you just have to take some basic household things and have to clean it with that; you need not to go market and then buy any polish, you can simply clean it using dry detergent or mild detergent.  Also by simple cleaning with a cloth regularly you can make it glow like a new one.
 Brass Elephant face ,wall hanging elephant

7 Interesting Decorating ideas for your Living Room

A living room is the first thing which people notice in your home as it is the first place where your guest steps first. So it is very important to make the ambiance of your living room so attractive that it creates a mesmerising glance in the viewer’s eyes. There are many ways in which you can revamp your decor, but to give a unique and elegant look here are 7 simple and easy to do tips which you can use in your decor style for a refreshing look.

living room, tradtional decor


Experiment with seating options:

First thing comes is what seating option to choose for the living area. Lavish sofa sets and modern couches can be seen everywhere, but for an interesting and unique glance, you can go for a floor seating option. For a floor seating option, you can opt a Rajasthani style traditional Bajot or Chowki with a low heightened table. You can also go for wooden low seating furniture which will look beautiful and will give an enticing look to your ambiance.

bajot,chowki sitting option for living room


Switch to traditional wall arts:

Nowadays modern paintings and wallpapers can be seen in every single house, so to make a difference in your ambiance you can choose for a traditional style jharokha or an elegant wall hanging. You can opt for a rajwadi style Jharokha and can place it on your back side of the couch, that will give a royal king style look in your home.

traditional wall arts, jharokhas


Lightning in royal style:

How you brighten up your décor also plays an important role. To make a mesmerizing effect in your ambiance switch to antique looking Tealight Holders. Make them place in corner of your area or hang it on the side wall of the living room. You can choose from brass engraved holders or metallic ones. These tealight holders will give a lavish classy style and a perfect soothing light in your ambiance.

Tealight holders, traditional Lamps


Play with decorative figurines:

Next, comes is the decorative figurines which you place in your display units. You can experiment in placing them; rather than placing them on a single shelf in the same pattern make them place in random order. Buy the figurines in pair and make them place separately in different positions. If you want to place a Divine Figurine then opt for a statue made from brass, it will enhance the grace of your ambiance.

buddha figurine,brass statue,

Include classy handicrafts in ambiance:

Handicrafts are the latest trend and biggest advantage of these things are that they do not look same because they all are uniquely crafted. In your living area, you must include handcrafted things like it can be your Furniture your wall arts, your traditional figurines anything. This handcrafted thing gives a unique glimpse to your décor.

traditional figurine,brass statue for living room


Opt from decorative storages:

Space is also a major issue while you plan for a beautiful décor, so to overcome this issue you can go for Decorative Storage. If you are planning for stool then you can go for the one which has storage space beneath. For this space issues you can buy a chest of drawer and can make them place along your wall, these will not only look good but will give you enough storage space to keep your small possessions inside.

wooden Decorative storage


Choose a traditional art form for your decoration:

Modern Paintings on the walls are so common nowadays so to set a trend and stand out of crowd go for traditional miniature paintings. You can go for a Kishangarh paintings or miniature paintings. These artforms can be included in the ambiance in many ways like you can hang wall paintings, a Key Holder having these kinds of paintings; can buy your furniture having these painting on them etc.

traditional miniature paintings,Kishangarh paintings

5 Common Vastu Mistakes you commit while placing mirror

Mirror, mirror on that wall…who is beautiful of them all??? You all are familiar with this statement as the piece of mirror played an important role in all those fairy tales. Like in those fairy tales, the reflecting mirror piece was playing an important role; same goes with our daily life and Vastu Shastra. Many times we only take this as a normal piece of Décor in our home and we generally commit some major vastu mistakes which do affect our surrounded environment. To know what are they read below….
vastu mistake

Overlook the vastu Shape:

We usually do not pay attention to the shape of a mirror which is the first mistake we commit. It is always suggested to buy a square shaped or Rectangular shaped mirror and avoid circular or oval shape. Mirrors can bring a lot of harmony to the place so to avoid any misfortune be very wise while choosing the shape of your mirror.
mirror shape ,vastu mistake

Ignore the Frame:

Next thing which we overlook is the frame, it is always advised to buy a mirror with Frame. Because a frame covers the mirror boundaries and hence avoid any kind of breakage. And it is always suggested not to keep any damaged mirror in a home as that attract negative energy and creates misbalance in an environment. The frame will not only look good but will also protect your mirror.
wrong direction

Hanging in the wrong vastu direction:

We all just hang the mirror in our home, wherever we want to but, according to Vastu, it is suggested to hang in North or East direction. By placing the mirror in the right direction you will invite positive energy, good wealth, and prosperity. Also, a mirror placed in right directions adopt positive energy and reflects Positive Energy in a home.
hanging in wrong direction ,vastu mistakes

Placing at wrong position:

Like direction, positions also matters a lot while placing a mirror. If a mirror is placed in front of the main door or entrance it will reflect away the positive energies. Reflection plays a major role according to Vastu so always make sure that mirror shows a clear picture or reflection of anyone standing. A mirror that reflects dining Table symbolizes the abundance of food and invites prosperity.
wrong mirror position

Height vastu mistake:

Height is also a very common mistake which we usually do while hanging the mirror, it is suggested to hang the mirror at least 4-5 feet above the floor. And always hang the mirror flat against the wall and not leaning forward. By hanging a mirror at an appropriate height, it will suck up all the negative energy and will spread all the positive energy in your home.
height mistake. vastu
By  taking care of all these points while placing mirror one can easily welcome the good fortune in a home and can enhance the prosperity in a home.

Home Decor tips according to zodiac for good fortune

We all somehow somewhat believe in our zodiac signs and try to incorporate things according to it in our daily lifestyle.We all somehow somewhat believe in our sun signs and try to incorporate things according to it in our daily lifestyle. So with respect to our daily life style habits we can include this in our Home Decor Tips also, wanted to know how have a look.

Zodiac signs , decor tips

Decor Tips for Aries:

Aries are energetic, optimistic and impulsive, people of this personality trait are the self-starter and admired by many. Aries  take larger than life and same goes with their home. It suggested for Aries to showcase your adventurous spirit in your décor style and spotlight your memory from your travel around the world. Include blings or red, heavy Antiques and strong metals in your ambiance. And your atmosphere will be more balanced and happier if you surround yourself with reminders of those you love.
Aries images

Decor Tips for Taurus:

Taureans are mostly characterized as patient, determined and affectionate & they don’t like much change. It is advised to display your collections as décor in whatever style you like the most. You can choose to display antiques and can give a ravishing touch to your décor. The elegant taste and refined taste can make even the smallest Apartments look super stylish.

Taurus horoscope , home decor tips


Gemini’s are lively, restless, clever and sociable and loves their freedom with respect to the opportunity to express themselves. Gemini’s can set up a home from creative space to entertaining hot spot. You can opt for a warm and lively environment and can include yellow and tiffany blue colors in the ambiance. You also can make your home party-ready by adding glass seating and Brass Figurines.


Decor Tips for Cancer:

People of this zodiac has a strong belief in family, tradition, and nostalgia. The heart is where home is must have this statement signatured by Cancer. For Cancers, it is advised to keep the ambiance clean and uncluttered so it can be a happy atmosphere. You can decorate your home with Sea Shell Lamps, natural colors paintings and can use cool colors of the sea. Indulge strong metals like silver to cool down all the warmth.

Cancer,zodiac sign

Decor Tips for Leo:

People of this personality trait are creative, enthusiastic, extravagant and ruler of their kingdom. For Leo’s it is advised to give a break to all the brightness and switch to relaxing backdrops like white, blue or gray. White walls with a cool light colored palette will be a soothing and refreshing touch in the ambiance. To make the ambiance happy and calm choose light colors in your Home.

Leo, good fortune, home decor tips

Decor Tips for Virgo:

Virgo’s are down to earth, extremely hardworking, practical and a bit of perfectionist. Do take the advantage of your creativity and include it in your décor style. Don’t try to make your home look flashy instead of that try to include Brass Figurines and Vintage Antiques to bring out the warmth in the ambiance. Leave your ambiance simple and fill the atmosphere with happiness and calmness.

Virgo, horoscope


Librans are artistic, polished and diplomatic. They admire beauty, harmony, art, and charm. It is advised to go with natural instincts in home décor. Include Flower Vases, crystals, metal crafts and display it in your ambiance. Don’t forget to fill the empty corner of your home with beautiful traditional corners that will strengthen the bond of love between you and your family.

Libra horoscope, decor hips


Scorpions are passionate, bold and have excellent imaginative skills. For this kind of personality traits, it is advised to embrace the love of action and drama in your décor. Choose from strong colors and bold pattern to accent your home with energy. You can use lucky figurines and Wood Crafts in your display to give a perfect happy atmosphere in your home.

Scorpio,home decor tips


People of this zodiac are mostly generous, energetic, ambitious and are always open to new challenge. You can choose any color theme for your décor, as all the colors will go excellently well with your adornment. It is suggested to use functional cum Decorative Furniture for your home and always keep your ambiance clutter free to welcome good luck and wealth.

Sagittarius horoscope

Decor Tips for Capricorn:

Generally, Capricorns have a disciplined, down to earth personality, which led to minimalist and no-fuss Interiors in earthy tones like slate gray and forest green. People of this personality trait love traditional décor completed with antiques and exclusive things in ambiance. Choose colors from the shades of orange, red, pink to increase the happiness in the environment.

Capricorn, decor tips, zodiac sign


Aquarius are generally an original thinker, they like to things entirely of their own. It is suggested to keep the home light, bright and airy with white walls to enhance the calmness in the ambiance. Include Miniature Paintings, brass figurines, wood furniture in adornment to welcome good fortune and wealth.

Aquarius horoscope


Pisces are intuitive, romantic and imaginative. People of this zodiac go with the flow and need their home to be heaven. It is suggested for Pisces to choose from soft yet bright colors like candy, off white, sea green, cherry red. Hang some Traditional wall paintings and include divine figurines in your home and increase love and warmth in your home.

Pisces, zodiac sign, decor tips


5 types of neckpieces that goes well with all types of outfits

The word jewelry is a magical word which itself brings a big smile on any women’s face. And a true woman is the one whose love for Ornaments never dies. And they all know that a right kind of jewelry can make or break the entire looks. So to elevate the charm and to sprinkle your beauty, here are 5 types of neckpieces which you should not miss in your closet.

All time favorite Choker:

A Choker is a close fitted jewelry piece which is usually worn around the neck. This type of neckpiece is a striking comeback from 90’s. It is a best wearable for those who want to flaunt their beautiful neckline or neck. Whether it’s a crisp white shirt or an off-shoulder gown, the choker style neckpieces can never and ever go wrong with your outfit. Chokers go well with both traditional and western outfits.
fixed Choker,neckpices

Always elegant Collar Neckpices:

Collar Neckpiece is a kind of ornament which usually lies flat to the neck rather than hanging freely. This type of neckpiece is worn high on the neck and generally has broad strands. The collar necklace goes well with off shoulder tops, boat neck dresses, low neck blouse; this type of necklace will also go well with your family gathering. Ladies having a slender neck can opt this kind of piece to flaunt their beautiful neck.
Collar Neckpices,
Collar Necklace

Super Classy Multi-Layer Necklace:

Multi layer necklace is a kind of ornament in which a single piece has different layers. Nowadays it is trending jewelry which is preferred among all age groups. This kind of necklace comes in all different forms and you can also prefer an assortment of different metals, different sizes etc. Multi layer necklace best suits with trendy western outfits and regular denims; even though you can make it wear in your work areas also.
Multi-Layer Necklace,
Multi-Layer Necklace

Sweet & Simple Pendant Neckpices:

Pendant necklace is a kind of neckpiece which can be wear at any time and at any occasion. Whenever you are in confusion go for pendant necklace and especially if collar bones are what you want to highlight then without giving a second thought wear it. These can be paired with your ethnic saree; your office shirt; your traditional kurta; your long gown or casual it will look immensely beautiful.
Pendant Necklace, simple & elegant neckpieces
Pendant Necklace

Never out of trend Kundan Necklace:

Kundan Neckpieces are the first choice when you are thinking about wearing traditional outfit. Kundan necklace looks immensely beautiful and enhances the beauty of the person who is wearing it. There are so many options available in Kundan jewelry which you can buy online. Wearing a Kundan neckpiece will give a royal touch to your outfit. Make it wear in your cousin’s wedding or in any family gathering.
Kundan Necklace, neckpieces, elegant necklace
Kundan Necklace