Vase-Traditional Marble-Handcrafted-Rajasthani style

6 Interesting place to keep your vases

Placing your pretty vases in your home can be a wow factor of your ambiance. With an adorable & artistic design of your vase, another thing which equally matters is the place where you can keep it. So to increase the beauty of your vase and looks of your ambiance here is 6 interesting place where you can keep your vases…..


In your entryway:

The first place where you can keep the vase is the entryway. It the place where your guest enters, so you can keep your beautiful vase with some fresh flowers in it. By keeping your adorable vase there, you can make the passer feel refresh. But sometimes the entry space is a bit narrow so always consider a moderate or nominal size of vase. You can buy a Decorative Vase for your entryway or can go for a traditional and ethnic looking vase.

Marble vase-Stone work- Bani thani- Handpainted-Handcrafted
Marble vase

In your living Area:

The living area is the next place where you can keep your vase. You can choose from any of the places of your living area like; make it place in the empty corner or in between of two single seated couches or along with the side table. You can simply decorate it with fresh flowers or if not possible to change the flowers again and again, then you can switch to artificial flowers. As living area consists of all the decorative showpiece, you can also opt from a stone worked marble vases. And when it comes to size you can choose any size.

vase-Metal-Handcrafted-Traditional-Mughlai art work
Mughlai Vase


Vases On your Centerpiece:

You can place your adorable vase on your centerpiece also. It is the place where you serve hot tea tray and crispy snacks, so while choosing it for there be very smart. You can go for a traditional Rajasthani Matki style vase that will give a charming glance to your ambiance.  You need not put flowers in that as it will make your table a bit clumsy, instead of that choose a vase having miniature or Kishangarh painting as it will look immensely beautiful in the adornment.

Marble Vase-Stone work-Hand Painted-Traditional-Rajasthani
Marble Vase

Vases at your staircase:

Keeping vases in the staircase will enhance the beauty of the empty space. You can put your vase there at many places like at the blank platform or in starting of the stairs or at the ending step of the staircase. But while placing you can choose metal as a vase material, so in case if it falls down it will not break. You can choose from Mughlai art worked vases; those kinds of vases will look elegant in your ambiance.

Kishangarh Painting, metal vases for your staircase
Kishangarh Painting

Vases In your Balcony:

A balcony is also a place where you can keep your vases in an interesting and creative way. You can also buy the vases in a Pair so can put it together on a same side of the balcony or can put in opposite sides of the balcony. You can decorate your vase by artificial flowers also so that you don’t need to change the flowers on regular basis.

Pair of Vases,Designer vases ,traditional-Rajasthani
Pair of Vase

In your bedroom area:

A bedroom is also a place where you can keep your vases. But when it comes to placing in a bedroom you can choose from stylish looking marble vases; elegant metal vases or earthen pot, they too will look charming in the ambiance. You can also keep the vase near or by the side of your bedside table. If you own a big size bedroom then you can go for a large sized vase and for a moderate size bedroom medium or normal size vases are suggested.

Marble stone vases, Rajasthani-Traditional vases
Stone Work



10 Easy to apply Vastu tips for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place where after a long hectic day; you surrender yourself from all the worries and make yourself relax. But are you aware of the fact that when it comes to relaxing your mind and having a peaceful sleep, your bedroom ambiance plays an important role. So to make your bedroom area more peaceful and calm here are some easy to apply Vastu tips…
Vastu Tips, Bedroom Vastu
Vastu Tips
The first thing comes is the direction of the bedroom; it is suggested to have your bedroom in the southwest part of your home because this direction represents the element earth which makes it an ideal place to sleep.
The second things come is the size of the bedroom, so your master bedroom should always be big then other bedrooms and rooms of the Home. And if you own multi-story houses then you’re your master bedroom top floor is the best place. 
The third things come is the direction of the bed you place in your ambiance, it is suggested to place your bed towards South or West wall, as it will give you sound and peaceful sleep.
The fourth thing is the direction in which you sleep, you can sleep in any of these three directions placing your legs towards East, West, North. But it is suggested not to sleep by facing your legs towards South as you do not have a sound sleep in this direction.
The fifth thing is about the washrooms or changing room directions, these should be on West or North side and it should not face directly towards the bed or the entrance Gate of your bedroom.
Sixth thing is about the position of the entrance gate and windows; for windows it suggested, East or North wall and for entrance door East, North or West wall and always avoid entrance gate on South Wall.
Seventh thing is the usage of the space inside the bedroom; it is advised that the Southwest corner of the bedroom must be occupied and you can also place heavy almirah, wardrobes or shelves in this direction.
Eight thing is about your money; it is advised to keep your saving safe towards South wall and open toward North wall as it a very auspicious and Holy Place.
Ninth thing is, it suggested not to keep TV, PC, Laptops in the bedroom as it disturbs your mind and also gives harmful vibes which affects your health also.
The tenth thing is about the wall color of your bedroom, always choose soft and Soothing Colors, as choosing dark color will not make your mind peace and will also affect your sound sleep.

6 types of Rajasthani Style furniture to beautify your home decor

The word furniture is the lifeline of every home decor and it plays an important role in beautifying your ambiance. So when it comes to choosing the furniture for your home, there are many options in which you can choose from. But to give a mesmerizing and unique view you can choose from traditional Rajasthani style furniture. Here is the list of 6 types of Rajasthani style furniture which will look super classy in your home…..

Elephant Statue, Metal Craft, Handicrafts, Rajasthani Style
Set of Elephant Statue

Wooden Table in the center of your area:

Rajasthani styles of wooden table are an elegant and crafty kind of furniture which gives a unique glance in the ambiance. These kinds of Tables have a very fine wooden embroidery which gives a unique glance in the adornment. Also, these styles of the table have sometimes hand-painted Kishangarh style painting that blends magically with your existing decor and also catches every eye’s attention when you serve snacks on it to your guests.

Chairs and Table, Mehraab Art, HAndcrafted, Rajasthani Style
Set of Two Mehraab chairs and Table

Traditionally carved chairs in Rajasthani style:

Rajasthani style carved chairs are one of the very famous handicrafts which people from all around the world loves to have in the ambiance. These chairs offer great comfort with respect to beauty. You can make these chairs place anywhere in your home; like in your outdoor areas; in your balcony area; in your bedroom with small coffee table; in living area; in the garden area, anywhere you can place it. The designs of these kinds of chairs are very elegant and style up your ambiance in a royal way

Chairs, Hand-Painted, Kishangarh Painting, Handcrafted
Rajasthani Hand-Painted Chairs

Bajot for lower seating options:

Bajot or chowkis are purely Rajasthani style furniture which is a kind of low seating option. These sort of seating options are immensely beautiful and give a glance of traditional Rajasthani art. You can include these bajot in pooja ghar; in your living area paired with a low heightened coffee table or can also give a base to your antique pot or vase. There are many types of bajots from which you can buy like Nagpaya Chowki, Rajasthani Chowki, Rangoli Art Chowki etc.

Elephant Sitting, Bajot, Chowki, Traditional
Elephant Sitting

Hand-painted Chest of Drawers:

Chest of Drawers of Rajasthani style is the best decorative cum storage furniture for any home. These chest of drawers are handcrafted and looks great in your ambiance and comes with beautiful painted colors. These chest of drawers can be placed anywhere in your home and with giving classy looks these chest of drawers will hold your important small possessions also. Some this drawers have elegant traditional paintings painted on them which give a charming touch to your ambiance.

Chest of Drawers, Rajsthani, Hand-Painted, Kishangarh Painting
Rajasthani Hand-Painted Chest of Drawers

Decorative Wardrobes in Rajasthani Style:

A traditional Rajasthani style decorative Wardrobes have very beautiful Kishangarh painting handpainted on the surface and sometimes the elegant floral designs with small brass engravings. These kinds of wardrobes solve two purposes, they will store your possessions and will look good in your ambiance. so these wardrobes are decorative and artistic enough that you can put them in your living area also.

Wardrobe, Hand-Painted Traditional Storage, Rajasthani Style, Handcrafted
Hand-Painted Traditional Storage

Rajasthani  Style Corners and Pillars:

For those empty corners in your home where you have to think what to put, Rajasthani style Corners and Pillars are the best options. These corners are handcrafted with elegant and classy detailing at the edges. Some the corners have pullout drawers also which solves your storage purpose also and will easily fit in your any corner of your home.

Wooden Pillar, Corner & Pillars, Rajasthani style, Handcrafted, Traditional
Wooden Pillar

5 Classy Kashmiri Style of handicrafts to charm up your decor

Kashmir is well known for its beauty and is also called paradise of India. Rather than its beauty, there is one thing more for which it is famous and that is its handicrafts. The Kashmiri handicrafts are super classy and are rich in cultural heritage. So if you don’t had a visit Kashmir not to worry you can give a glance of Kashmir in your décor and can feel the beauty by simply adding these Handicrafts to your ambiance.
kashmiri style handicrafts
kashmiri style handicrafts

Kashmiri Handcrafted Wood  embroidery:

Embroidery on wood is a very beautiful and exclusive art of Kashmiri handicrafts. The carvings on wood have a very unique and beautiful design which is only done by skilled craftsmen. The elegant embroidery on these handicrafts has usually a floral carving which gives an eye catchy glance in your environment. Basically, these carvings are done on walnut wood, as they hold the carving for a long time. For charming up your décor you can opt a wooden Jharokha having this Kashmiri carving on it or can opt any Wooden Furniture having this type of carvings.
wooden jharokha, tradtional wall jharokha, handcrafted jharokha
Kashmiri Handicrafts Papier Mache:
Papier Mache craft is the most interesting and adorable art form. The crafts of this artform are made from the pulp of paper and adhesive. For making this firstly the paper is soaked in water till it becomes a pulp and then it is mixed with adhesive and later on given the shapes. The handicrafts made from this process are very beautiful and sturdy by nature. For including this in your décor you have plenty of options from which you can choose like; you can choose from Tea Coaster, Visiting Card holders, photo frames etc. 
kashmiri Tea coaster, visiting card holder
kashmiri handicrafts Metallic Carvings:
Usually, metal carvings can be seen anywhere but when you are talking about Kashmiri handicrafts they have a unique glance. The designs which are carved on the metal surface are very fine and classy and they give a direct flashback of royal Mughlai era. There are plenty of options when you are thinking of involving this in your décor; like you can go for a metallic vase having carving on the surface, an elegant Tealight Holder with Mughlai design engraved.
tradtional matki ,kashmiri handcrafted matki
Kashmiri Handicrafts fine detailed Mughlai paintings:
Mughali paintings have their own class and charm. These kinds of paintings are the intricate part of Kashmiri handicrafts, they give a glance of royal lifestyle of an ancient Mughlai era. The colors used in these kinds of paintings create a mesmerizing charm in the ambiance. While thinking about to include these in your home you can go for buying Wall paintings; Furniture having this style of paintings etc.
decorative boxes
Kashmiri Handicrafts Colorful engravings:
Colorful engravings are the signature style of Kashmiri handicrafts. These styles of engraving can be seen on any surface whether its metal or any stone. The design which is usually engraved has usually a goldish color having any dark color base. These engravings are very finely detailed and are usually hand painted on the surface by craftsmen. And for including this exclusivity in your home you can opt from jewelry boxes, Decorative Boxes etc.  
descorative box,tradtional box

6 Awesome Rajasthani Style of handicrafts for your decor

There are many types of handicrafts and they all are unique & beautiful, but with beauty, there comes an exclusivity also and all these factors are sufficed by Rajasthani style handicrafts. We all are familiar with the uniqueness and beauty of the handicrafts and loves to involve them in our décor. So while shopping for a traditional style handicraft here is a list of exclusive styles from which you can opt for your décor…
rajasthani show piece, pair of ashwa

Kishangarh Paintings:

Kishangarh paintings are the world famous Rajasthani art form which will look immensely beautiful in your home. These styles of paintings you can include in your décor by many ways like you can buy your coffee table having this painting painted on it, or if you don’t want to buy any major product then you can you can opt from small essentials like Key Holders, wall decors etc.
metal art, rajasthani hand-painted matki,
Marble Crafting:
Marble crafting is also one of the famous traditional arts which are popular from old ages. There are many things which are made from marble like there are decorative figurines, Marble Lamps, divine god statue made etc. The very unique thing about Rajasthani marble crafting is that the marble used in the crafts is usually Makrana marble, which is one of the best qualities of marble. When buying marble crafting is advised to by marble lamps as these lamps give very soothing light.
hand-painted marble vases, marble handicrafts
Meenakari work:
Meenakari work is one of the very fine art which is done by the very skilled artist, and it is famous because of its colorful & fine detailing. This art is embellished on metal surface with beautiful colors. There are many things on which you can see this art form; this art not only looks beautiful but also gives a unique glance. There are many things which you can buy having meenakari work like jewelry, stools, Decorative boxes etc.  
hand-painted gajraj, traditional handicrafts
Wood Crafting:
Wood crafting are the soul of Rajasthani style handicrafts. The Skillman do very fine and awesome detailing on wood, which you can easily see on the traditional furniture. With all the handcrafted details these wooden furniture looks super classy and elegant. And for every kind of home you can buy these Handcrafted Furniture and also can opt for low seating options like Bajot or Chowki.  
rajasthani handicrafts, hand-painted table
Brass Engraving:
Brass engravings are also a very unique and traditional parts of Rajasthani style handicrafts. There are wide options in brass engravings, you can opt from; like Tealight Holders, decorative brass figurines, divine brass statues, brass engraved wall clocks etc. these handicrafts has very fine detailing which will enhance the charm of your ambiance. 
vintage tea light holder
Stone Art:
Stone Art is an art form in which colorful stones are engraved on the surface of metal or stone base. This kind of artwork is an exclusive part of traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts. For your décor you can go for a stone worked lantern style lamps, marble figurines, brass statues, decorative seating options etc. The stone art worked decorative figurines are also a great gifting option for your near and dear one for all the occasions.
Traditional Lanterns