Mithila Painting of Bihar

Mithila Painting – The ethnic gratify art of Bihar

Mithila Painting are perhaps the best-known genre of Indian Folk Paintings, which is from Mithila region of Bihar. This art of Mithila painting was born in the early 1960’s, following the tribal Bihar Famine. For centuries women of Mithila have decorated the walls of their house with intricate, linear designs on the occasion of festivals, marriage functions, ceremony etc. paintings were the key part of their lifestyle and were a part of education.

Later, women of Mithila were encouraged to apply their painting skills to paper as to give a supplement to their income. Once applied to a portable and thus more visible medium, the skills of the Mithila women were quickly recognized. Day by day the work was enthusiastically bought up by the tourists, art collectors etc. Because of this art work, women of that time get an employment which they do it very gracefully.

The theme of this painting revolves around Hindu Deities like Rama, Krishna, Lakshmi, Shiva, Durga etc. The nature theme is used which include Sun, the Moon and the religious plants like Tulsi. You can also find paintings base on the replica of royal courts and social events, like weddings. If any empty space is left after painting the main theme, it is filled up with the motifs of flowers, animals, and birds or geometric designs. The designs are intricate and finely painted with beautiful colors which give an eye catchy effect in the ambiance.

This painting is basically done with fingers, nibs-pens, twigs, and matchsticks. The mesmerizing paintings are for every occasion and function. You can use it any form for your home. This is also a kind of Madhuban Paintings which is also a beautiful ancient artwork. You can buy wall paintings of this art work, or buy home décor products having this painting painted on it etc.

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