Manjusha Painting The oldest Indian painting Art

Manjusha Painting – The oldest Indian Painting Art

Manjusha painting is a folk art of Angpradesh, which is currently known as Bhagalpur in Bihar State. In earlier times this art was carved by only two families the Kumbhakar caste and the Malakar caste. Earlier these paintings were drawn on pots by Kumbhakar which were worshipped. And the Malakar caste makes the actual “Manjusha” and paint the Manjusha art on these structures.

The name of this art form also holds an interesting story. The Sanskrit word Manjusa means a box, and majusas temple shaped boxes. These boxes were made from bamboo, Jute-Straw, and Paper inside which the devotees keep their ceremonial materials. The boxes were illustrated with paintings that tell a tale. And the tale was of Bihula who saved her husband from the deity’s wrath and a snake-bite and also of Bishahari or Mansa.

When it comes to the painting, in Manjusha Painting majorly three colors are used Pink, Green, and Yellow. These colors hold its significance; Pink- Care, Relation, Victory; Green -Nature & Health, Dark green associated with Financial Businesses; Yellow – Joy, Young, Fun, Happy Feelings, Confidence, Boost enthusiasm, Optimism) Also for cultural and Vedic Progress.

With respect to colors, there is another thing which is equally important is the art border. Every ‘Manjusha painting’ must contain one or more border in it. Manjusha art has five borders. 1. Belpatr in which the symbol of holy Leafs of Belpatr. In Hindu tradition, we worship Lord Shiva with Belpatr Leafs. 2. Lehariya in which symbol of Waves of River is drawn. 3. Mokha in this kind of border design and decoration used by ancient peoples are drawn. 4. Tribhuj in which the triangle symbol borders are drawn. 5. Srp Ki Ladi in which snake patterns are drawn on a border.

The “Manjusha painting Art is also considered on part of Madhuban Art. The art is the world known and people are adoring it everywhere. The art is famous among the outsider and they also name this art as snake paintings. There are many ways to involve these paintings in your home by going for some artifacts painted with this art or can go for some beautiful wall hangings.

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