Rajasthani Mandana, Art of Rajasthan, Culture of Rajasthan

Mandana- A Traditional Holy Art of Rajasthan

Art is always celebrated in Rajasthan. Different art has a different story and holds a cultural tradition. And just like that Mandana is one of these traditional cultures of Rajasthan which holds a special place in the beauty of this state. The journey of this art is dramatically interesting, take a visual tour of this beauty.

Rajasthani Art and crafts, Rajasthani Painting, Art and crafts of India

What is Rajasthani Mandana…

Mandana art is a tribal art form which has survived over the ages and is one of the oldest art forms of Rajasthan. The art is done on the walls and floors of the surroundings. This art is a decoration process of floors and walls with beautiful designs. It is a type of Rangoli which is done without colors.

Mandana art of rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Art of India

How Mandana started…

In ancient times people used to live in houses made of mud. And at that time for decorating their home, they used to draw beautiful designs on the walls and floors of their home. The designs were drawn from white Chuna (Chalk Paste) on a brown color surface, which makes it look beautiful. That time people were not able to afford costly colors so they started this method for decoration.

Rajasthani Painting, crafts of Rajasthan, Art of India, Culture of Rajasthan

Making process…

There is a specific process of making Mandana. First, the walls or the surface is plastered with clay; the clay is made from cow dung and water. Then the surface is left for some time so that it gets dry. Then a mixture of chuna and water is made from which the designs are drawn on that surface. Initially, when the brushes were not available the paintings were drawn from the wick of cotton.

Making of Mandana, Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of India, Hand made art of Rajasthan

But with evolution, people started using brushes. The unique thing about this art is its color theme, i.e. white and red. White paint or khadiya is made of chalk while the red paint or geru is made of brick. The designs are drawn from hand and are very intricate and fine. You have to make it correct in one go because you don’t have any option to correct it by rubbing.

Why Mandana’s are made…

Not only for the beauty, but there are other sacred believes also behind the making of these Mandana. The cow dung is meant auspicious according to Hindu mythology so the Mandana becomes sacred too. It is believed that making these in the entrance protect the home from evil vibes. Even now on any auspicious occasion like and Pooja, Birth or marriage function Mandana’s are the first thing which is drawn before starting any function.

Traditional Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of Rajasthan

Nowadays if you are not able to draw one at your home you can buy it also. In the market there are many of the beautiful Mandana designed vases, bed sheet, wall hangings, décor objects are available which you can choose for your home.

Mandana Art, Crafts of Rajasthan, Rajasthani Culture, Tradition of Rajasthan

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