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What Makes Pashmina An Exclusive Handicrafts Of Kashmir?

Softest & warmest are the synonyms of Pashmina fabric. Cashmere wool is also known as pashmina is called as soft gold of high Asia. This diamond fabric is the privileged & posh craft of Kashmir. But do you know why these beautiful prefixes are given to this handicraft? Want to know why then take a virtual tour…

It is said that the pashmina shawls were famous from the time of emperor Ashok (3rd BC). This word is originated from the Persian language, in which pashm stand for wool and hence we got the name. Although shawls from this fabric have been worn and used as a warm protective garment by kings and queens since ancient times. But Mughal Emperor Akbar experimented with various styles and encouraged weavers to try new motifs, which helped establish a successful shawl industry.

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What Is Pashmina?

This beautiful cashmere wool is obtained from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat, from the most remote regions of the Himalayas. As they live approximately 14,000 feet above sea level, they grow a thinner inner coat that insulates them during the very cold Himalayan Winters. And from this very warm inner coat, the pashmina is made up. The name of the breed from which this wool comes is either a Changthangi goat or a Pashmina.

“Each hair is about diameter 1/6th the diameter of other regular hairs still the warmest among all of the other wool”

Cashmere handicrafts, Handicrafts of India,Pashmina

Making Of Pashmina :

The traditional producers of pashmina wool are Changpa tribe, from the Changthang region. These tribal people rear sheep in harsh winter and lead a nomadic life to produce this wool. About 80–170 grams of the fiber is collected from each goat and spun to produce Cashmere. And it takes a whole year to grow this coat on the goat.Another very beautiful thing about this is that this can last for years if taken proper care. Alos after every wash, it becomes softer and warmer.

“The best quality of cashmere is considered to be produced in Gobi Desert, which is regarded better than Himalayas Variant.”

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