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Ganpati Statue Pooja Procedure For – “Ganesh Chaturthi”

All the devotees of Lord Ganesha are all set to welcome beautiful Ganpati Statue in their home. The festive breeze with holy chants of “Ganpati Bappa Moriya” in the environment is doubling the joy and holiness of Ganesh Chaturthi. So, in order to welcome Ganpati Statue in your abode year on year, here is a special Pooja Method to perform.

Things Required:

Start the Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja by bringing Ganpati Statue in the home. The Chaturthi is believed as a most auspicious day for welcoming Ganpati at home. Before bringing them home keep the following things ready. Dhoop & Aggarbatti (incense stick or Joss Stick), Pooja Thali (with Diya), Supari (betel nuts), Paan Leaf. A separate piece of cloth for covering Ganpati Statue and another piece of cloth for carrying lord ganesha  and a Sandli.

The procedure of Worshipping Lord Ganpati Statue:

Start the Pooja by lighting the Dhoop & Aggarbatti placed in Pooja Thali. After that place the paan leaf with a supari resting on top of it on the floor in front of the sandli. For those who have bought the Lord Ganpati before the Chaturthi; Cover the face of statue with a cloth and take it off only on the day of puja performed during murti sthapna.

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Once you step into the premises of your home, don’t forget to shower rice(raw) on the Lord Ganpati Statue before bringing it inside. Before Placing the Idol in its place put some rice on it and rest a Supari, Haldi (turmeric), KumKum (red colored sacred powder). After that, you can place Lord Ganpati Statue on its position.

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Ganpati Brass Idol

After placing the Idol on the position, sprinkle sacred water on Lord Ganpati idol to offer bath. Offer sacred thread as clothes & apply tilak of roli on forehead. Show Lighted Diya and Dhoop stick to idol and chant “Shree Ganeshay Namah”. After that offer Kumkum to the Lord idol. Offering kumkum is very auspicious and also put akshat (raw rice) on that kumkum.

Later once you are done with above process chant Shree Ganesh Aarti with your friends and family. Offer lighted Diya and Incense Stick. After that, you can also offer Modak, ladoo or any sweet as Bhog. Every family should offer flower garland and flowers to Lord Ganpati idol with respect to chanting of holy mantra.

By following this whole process you will welcome Lord Ganpati in a holy and auspicious manner. Ganpati is an idol of prosperity and wealth so welcome home the visit of God with warm and open heart.

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