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Leheriya- The Ebullient & Delighted Rajasthani Handicrafts

Leheriya or Leheria is a colorful handicraft of Rajasthan which is a simple style of tie & dye. Traditionally seen in bright color Leheriya is all about striped pattern. When translated the word Leheria, it means wave-like, so this pattern describes a wave-like pattern. The Leheria handicraft symbolizes the unique and rich costume heritage of Rajasthan.

This handicraft was conceived in the 19th century and has been a coveted choice in the apparel and embellishments industry ever since. In the category of tie & dye, Leheriya is one of the most recognized and popular designs of Rajasthani Handicrafts. The boom of Lehria is not limited to Rajasthan it is popular worldwide.

Making Process of Leheriya:

It is dyers extraordinary design invention that paints magic onto a simple cotton or silk cloth. The makers use a special method called resist dyeing. The type of cloth which is generally used in this type of printing is cotton, silk, chiffon or georgette. Firstly the cloth is tied and dyed in the color.

The cloth is tied and folded in such a manner that when opened post-dyeing, there is a striped pattern created on the cloth with color on every alternate stripe. Earlier, craftsmen used to tie and dip the cloth in 5 different colors to get the desired pattern in multiple hues. Natural colors were used and finished off with shades of indigo.

The major regions from where this handicraft is inspired are Udaipur and some regions near Gujarat. The motifs and designs showcase a sense of joy and colorfulness which portrays the traditional culture of Rajasthan. Earlier this art was seen only in head turbans or can say they were done for that only. But later Laheriya was introduced in lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, and sarees. Nowadays, leheriya is a part of both attire and accessories.

For a long interval of time leheriya handicrafts only belong to Rajasthan but as the globalization occurred, this art was adored worldwide.

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