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Legendary Tale Of Jharokha Of Hawa Mahal

Architecture in India has its own different story. Some were done for better living; some were done for standing straight against the war. Architecture is a very important part of all the culture as it gives strength to any community. And when talking about architecture, Jaipur is a hub for the finest construction. Hawa Mahal renowned for its 953 Jharokha, is one of them.

History of Jharokha…

In 1799 Kachhwaha Rajput ruler, Sawai Pratap Singh, grandson of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh who built Jaipur city constructed this. Hawa Mahal was built as a continuation of Royal City Palace. This beautiful monument was created for a special purpose. The architecture was inspired by a bit of Mughal construction. Hawa Mahal was built, complete with small windows and screened balconies.

Architecture of Hawa Mahal, Jharokha

Why Jhorokha of Hawa Mahal was constructed :

In older times queens and ladies of royal families were not allowed to roam around the city. That was the time when Purdah System (Curtain) was a tradition of Rajput families, and this was one of the main reasons behind building this monument. During those days, Rajput royal women did not appear in public or in front of strangers.

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So, without making them step out of their home, this Jharokha was created. These Jharokha are like balcony attached to the room. It can be also considered as a peek through from the room. By construction this Jharokha they can view the city without disobeying their traditions and customs. This gave the women a sense of freedom, without appearing in public.

Glorious Construction…

Construction of Jharokha of Hawa Mahal has its own unique story. The height from the base is 50 feet and the structure is like a beehive. This is standing on a thin shield of the podium, which has its walls less than a foot thick. It is constructed from red and pink sandstones by Lal Chand Ustad. As like the name, air circulation on the entire floor though Jharokha is amazing.

Hawa Mahal jaipur, Jharokha Construction, beauty of Jharokha

The top three tiers of the castle have the thickness of a single room while the bottom floors have courtyards. The unique thing about this place is that does not have stairs to reach the upper floors; the stories are connected by slopes. You can see the splash of pink color and traditional Rajasthani carvings on the walls.

A new trend of home decor…

As the era moved the love for Jharokha did not change. You may not see this in construction but it has changed in décor objects. As day by day, space is getting low people cannot involve Jharokha, so they are buying wooden window like Jharokha which can be hanged on their wall. People tend to hang them in their décor as it gives an authentic Rajasthani touch. And by doing that the legacy of Jharokha is still continued.

Rajasthani Jharokha, Wooden Jharokha, Handcrafted Decor, Wall Decor
Rajasthani Jharokha

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