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Kutch Embroidery- An exclusive impression of Gujarati Culture

Kutch Embroidery is the textile handicrafts of Gujarat, which is mainly done by the tribal community of Kutch. This style of embroidery made a notable contribution to the Indian tradition and handicrafts. Kutch Embroidery is generally practiced by women on fabrics of cotton by using cotton or silk thread.

Gujarat the culture rich state has given greatest heritage in embroidery through Kuch Embroidery. Kutch Embroidery involves various art form which consists of Mirror and Beadwork. This Kutch embroidery basically ornate the entire fabric and embellishes it completely and the creation comes out is extremely beautiful.

According to history, Kutch Embroidery was bought by ‘Kathi’ cattle breeders. These later settle down there and crafted some fine needlework. This needlework displayed a variety of elements, designs, themes, patterns, and moods. This style of embroidery has been there for centuries, and about 16th and 17th century these were exported to a western country.

There was a popular belief mochis or shoemakers were taught Kutch embroidery 300 years ago by a Muslim wanderer in Sindh and that is what started the tradition. And later the Kutch embroidery get along with Sindh Tradition’s own styles such as Khaarek, and Paako, Rabari, Garasia Jat, Suf, and Mutava.

Another thing comes is the source of inspiration. Kutch Embroidery is influenced by various architectural motifs. The embroidery is mainly done with colors like Green, Indigo, Ivory, Deep Red, Yellow, White, and off-white. Some of the motifs also include patterns of human, dancing poses, and peacock.

Many of the motifs are inspired by Persian & Mughal Arts which includes animals and flowers. Intricate beadwork is also an incorporated with extreme fineness which makes it look exclusive and beautiful. This embroidery is basically done on cotton or Silk Fabric.

Basically, there is 7 style of this Embroidery; Suf, Khaarek, and Paako, Rabari, Garasia Jat and Mutava. Not only in apparels you can see them in different lifestyle products also. Be it the bed sheets, wall hangings, pillow covers, décor objects etc. These things not only look good but also creates a magic in the abode because of its colorful gloss.

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