Kundan Jewelry- An Eternal Bond of Tradition

Some things are always on top of our choice list, no matter what comes and go but the love for that thing remains constant. And when it comes to jewelry, Kundan Jewelry is the same thing which makes the above statement true. Kundan Jewelry is like a wine, only get better with time. Let us take a quick tour how this artwork started and give our sincere gratitude to the makers who makes our jewelry wearing more pretty.
Kundan jewellery, Traditional, Rajasthani
Kundan jewellery
The obsession with Kundan Jewelry dates back to a royal culture of Rajasthan. This jewelry style flourished to its peak at the time of Mughal era and continued to remain at the top till now. Kundan Work is basically the art of embedding precious jewels and metal into the surface of objects.

The Background:

Kundan Jewelry is probably one of the oldest forms of jewelry crafts in India, this craft was adopted from Mughals by the families in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Kundan Art of Jewelry making is nearly 2500 years older when the gemstones were studded with a very slim foil of gold. This traditional art antique art depicts the glory and richness of Indian culture.
Making, Making Of Kundan Kundan, Ethnic, traditional, Rajasthani
Making Of Kundan Kundan

Earlier this form of art was popularly known as Kundan Keshari, which one also the name assigned to all the works was made of the colorful semi-precious stones. Earlier it was only worn by Kings and Queens but as the ruling of the emperors starts diminishing, the trend was now adopted by normal people also.

 The Process of kundan jewelry :

The uniqueness of this art lies in the manner it is made. The delicate process involves the finest and purest 24 Carat of gold. It is a process of setting precious and semi-precious gemstones within its designated mount with gold foil. In order to give a strong grip to metal, 24 carat gold is poured into the side and rather inserted in the holes with the help of a very small stick.
Kundan Work, Jewellery, Traditional, Rajasthnai
Kundan Enamelling
Parallel to this process of setting the stones, there is the process of making the frame of the jewelry. And once the frame is made, it is then welded to the base with the help of gold. And at the end of the whole process, the jewelry is then cleaned and washed to remove the dark spots.
Kundan Jewellery pieces, Ethnic
Kundan Jewellery pieces
 In spite, the trend for Indo Western Jewelry in our culture, on occasions like wedding and festivals Indian Women still prefer traditional and royal ethnic look of Kundan.  Nowadays everyone prefers Kundan Jewelry when it comes to buying Traditional Jewelry. Now you can simply sit on your couch and browse online this Kundan worked jewelry in affordable price.

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