Koftgiri, Koftgiri handicrafts, Art of Rajasthan

Koftgiri -A Royal Weapon Art Of Rajput Era From Udaipur

Koftgiri is a famous traditional craft of Rajasthan, which has its root from Udaipur. During Mughal Era Koftgiri flourished amongst the Sikligar Community who were masters in the craft of weaponry.

Koftgiri is a type of decoration originating in India with the Mughals as a means to decorate arms and weaponry. It can be both an inlay and overlay art. This word refers to the action of beating the design or pattern into iron. Or this can also be known as Designing art on weapons.

Koftgiri started from…

Initially, the Sikligar community created finely embellished weapons for Mughal and Rajput warriors, but, with the under growing patronage of Rajasthan rulers, the art rapidly dived in Udaipur.

It started when kings used to commission the embellishment of ritual weaponry to craftsmen who would let their imagination to create something the king had never seen before. And this was how the carving on weapons started and named as Koftgiri.

Koftgiri, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Crafts of Udaipur


Originally the art of damascening was bought in India by Persian craftsmen after Mughal ruler’s invasion in 16th century. This technique later becomes the earning tradition of Sikligar Community.

The beautiful process of Koftgiri…

The beautiful motifs of this art are traditional with lots of lines and curves which is possible with the handling of Gold and Silver wire. And the unique thing about this art is that the whole design is carved mainly by wire. Main of the materials are sourced from karkhanasat Ajmer and Bhilwara, and then manually created into desired forms using the essential tools.

Handcrafts of Udaipur, Koftgiri, Crafts of Rajasthan

In this art, both men and women are involved. The amazing thing about this art is that this is still done by hand from skilled artisans, no machine is involved in this process. Primarily this craft was carved on handles of swords and daggers. But nowadays this can be seen on exclusive boxes, cutlery, hunting knives etc.

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