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Know What Makes Diwali The Biggest Festival Of India

Diwali is just not a festival it is an emotion. Also knows as a festival of light, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It one of the festivals which are celebrated by almost every community of India with great joy and enthusiasm. But ever wondered why this festival is one of the biggest and eternal festivals? Want to dig the reason then take a visual tour

What Diwali is…

The name of this festival is the main moto and meaning. Diwali or Deepavali is the festival of light deep means “light” and avali “a row” to become “a row of lights.”. It is majorly a four-day celebration which includes different-different traditions and rituals. It falls on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik, so it varies every year.

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How Deepavali celebration started…

The origin of this festival can be traced back to ancient India. Initially, it was celebrated as an important harvest festival, however with different people this belief changes. According to some beliefs it is celebrated because on that day Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Vishnu got married.

Deepavali celebration, festival of light, traditiona of India, Festival of India

Different communities have different beliefs, but one of the main reasons it started was from Ramayana Kaal. It was celebrated as the victory of defending demon Ravana by Lord Rama. And when Lord Rama along with Ma Sita and Lakshman were returning, to welcome them they decorated the streets, roads, and home of Ayodhya with diyas. And that symbolizes winning of light over the darkness and this is how the celebration of Diwali started.

The four days of Diwali…

First day of Deepavali is called Dhanteras. On this day it is said to buy new things like gold, silver any new vehicle or anything, as it the most auspicious day to buy. Dhanteras is the starting of this festival and people celebrate it with great joy.

Second day of this festival is Naraka Chaturdashi or Roop Choudas. The significance of this day is, on this day Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama vanquishing of the demon Naraka. Also, some people light 14 diyas to ward of evil.

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The third day is when Diwali is actually celebrated. Diwali comes on Amavasya so to ward off the darkness people lit earthen diyas and decorate their home with lights. On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi Ji and prays for wealth and prosperity.

Fourth day is celebrated as Govardhan pooja. On this day people worship their cows as they help them in harvesting. At some places on this day Annakoot also and on that day all the new crops which have been harvested are offered to Lords.

How the festival is celebrated…

Diwali is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. People decorate their homes with diyas and lights. Make Rangoli in front of their entry door to welcome good energy. Worship Goddess Lakshmi Ji for wealth and prosperity. In this festival, crackers are also busted as a part of festival and the home and streets are decorated with earthen Diyas.

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