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Know Top 7 Artistic & Historic Delicacy Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is full of historical and artistic delicacy. It is full of culture and rich background and with respect to that, there are many more things which are famous worldwide. When it comes to handicrafts the artistic crafts have also their own history and particular style which is itself unique. So take a virtual tour of these artistic wonders and explore the beauty of Rajasthan.

Miniature Rajasthan Paintings:

The glory of miniature paintings started around the late 16th & 17th century. The paintings were done with utmost care and in minute details, with strong lines and bold colors set in harmonious patterns. The artists use paper, ivory panels, wooden tablets, leather, marble, cloth and walls for their paintings. While painting this miniature painting first the fine outlines are drawn and then the color is filled with them. The glimpse of this crafts can be seen on various things like furniture, wall hangings etc.

Hand Painted Rajasthani Table, Miniature Paintings, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan
Hand Painted Rajasthani Table

Marble Rajasthan Handicrafts

Marble handicrafts are famous worldwide but marble products made in Rajasthan hold a special place. The quality and beauty of Rajasthani marble handicrafts which you explore in Rajasthan cannot be seen anywhere. These handicrafts are made from quality marble from Makrana (small village of Rajasthan) and then very minute detailing is done. You can see the traditional culture of this state through these designs & patterns.

Marble Vases, Marble Handicrafts, Vases Online
Marble Vases

Blue Pottery of Rajasthan

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and also the main hub of Blue Pottery. Basically, Blue Pottery is a blue dye that is used to color the pottery and from that various things are made. The pottery has a unique appearance as it is made using Egyptian paste, glazed and low-fired. The unique and special thing about this is the usage of special dough prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum, and water.

 blue pottery, Handicrafts
Blue Pottery

Wooden Handicrafts

Crafting a dry wooden log into artistic decor object is the beautiful wonder of Rajasthani handicrafts. The minute detailing with a usage of pretty colors make it special and unique from rest of the handicrafts. Latticework on wood is the most famous of them. Jodhpur and Kishangarh are the places where you can get carved casket, screens, doors, chairs, tables, shelf, etc.

 Wooden Jharokha, Wooden Handicrafts, Jharokha, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan
Rajasthani Wooden Jharokha


This a fabric wonder which is an integral part of Rajasthani Art. This art form is also called as Bandhej which is a tie & dye method. According to history, the art form begins around 5000 years. The process involves fabric which is firstly dyed is tied very tightly to different positions. And then it is dipped in color. Then magic of process is that the place from where the fabric is tied doesn’t catch the color and hence the pretty design is made automatically.

Bandhani Art Form,Traditional Fabric Craft
Bandhani Art Form


Leheriya is all about following a single particular style. As you can judge, the name itself suggests this style means wave and the designs are associated with this only. The process involves tying of cloth and folded in such a manner that when opened after post-dyeing, there is a striped pattern created on the cloth with color on every alternate stripe. Sarees of Leheriya pattern are very famous and adored by women from all over the world.

Leheriya, Traditional handicraft


Meena work is all about embellishing the metal surface with adorable colors that enhance the overall look of the design. Firstly Mughals introduced it but then after some time it was preceded by Indian Kings. Jaipur is the hub of meenakari and you can see this work on almost everything. Be it the jewelry, utensils, wall hangings, marble products you will see this art on almost everything.

Metal Meenakari, Swan Decorative Statue, Handicrafts
Metal Meenakari

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