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Know How Terracotta Jewelry Arrives In India 

When the word terracotta strikes in mind the first thing which immediately flashes is the terracotta jewelry. This is one of the oldest forms of jewelry in the world. This jewelry has its own beautiful journey which starts from evolution to how it becomes a fashion trend. Wanted to know how take a tour.

History & Origin:

Terracotta was introduced from the archaeological sites of the Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro, and this craft continues to thrive in India. This art form never perished but instead always grown in popularity with time. There were several ornaments like earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets etc were found by archaeologists made from terracotta. The designs sculptured on these jewelry pieces were basically inspired by nature. Later on, as the time passes the design on the Ornaments also changed.

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Designer Temple Necklace Set

Terracotta In India:

There are many states which play vital role in keeping this rich heritage alive such as Rajasthan & West Bengal. After these two states, the tribal communities in Gujarat is also recognized as a hub for its exceptional terracotta craftsmanship. There are some regions in East Uttar Pradesh which are famous for its red terracotta products. The artists and artisans here are excellently skilled and creates magic through their art.

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Terracotta Necklace set

The making of Terracotta Jewelry:

The making process involves purifying the clay, shaping and designing the wet slab. After drying it completely it is fired in a Kiln at a very high temperature to give it a stone consistency. When the clay is fired, it can take a natural brick color or shades of brown, pink, or even white depending upon the nature of clay. The clay is burnt in a natural black color when heated in a kiln with sawdust. After this process, later on, this is hand painted by the craftsman with glossy colors.

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Terracotta Neckpiece

Variety of Terracotta jewelry from which you can choose:

This is the oldest art form in terms of jewelry but it doesn’t mean that you will only find Traditional Designs. There are many options from which you can choose; if planning to wear a western outfit make it wear with a Beaded Neckpiece. Wearing a casual kurta for office, then wear a colorful or matching pair of Jhumka with it. And if attending a friend’s marriage you can easily opt from any of the traditional style neckpieces.

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Traditional Terracotta Necklace Set


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