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Know How Your Marble Handicraft Is Crafted

When you hear the word marble, the first thing which strikes in mind is the beauty of the marble stone. From one of the wonders Taj Mahal to a small marble vase, the exclusivity of marble stone always outshines like a king. But ever wondered how the beauty on Marble handicraft is created?

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It begins with….

The first step of sculpting includes the selection of best marble stone. Although there are numerous variants of marble stones one of the best qualities which are considered is the one which comes from Makrana.

In India, Marble handicraft process carried out in two places i.e. Rajasthan & Agra. Rajasthan is also known as the land of Rajputs and is considered as a colorful cultural hub. In the ruling period of Rajputs, most of the arts were introduced and crafting of marble handicraft was one of them.

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A process of marble inlaying work is a traditional art which is preserved from ages and still, it is being continued. Initially, in the royal era, the exclusive pieces of art were made from marble stones and sometimes the palaces were also made from this stone.

The process Of Marble Handicraft

Sculpting of marble handicraft is done by highly skilled professionals. Vrindavan, Mathura, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Bikaner which are very famous for this marble inlay work. The technique which is used is known as Parchin Kari work.

The intricate work which you have seen on the walls of Taj Mahal and your favorite Marble handicraft is Parchin work only. This craft flourished and reached its peak during the era of the Mughals in Medieval India and especially after the construction of the Taj Mahal.

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It is basically a process of inlaying colored marbles or semi-precious stones into a stone base, often in geometric or flower patterns. Firstly the design or the pattern is carved on the marble with the help of a chisel or any sharp object.

The chisel is worked through hammer or stone. In this process the metal is carefully shaped into minute petals, leaves etc. according to designs. “Often a single flower is composed of about 0 pieces that may take a whole week of painstaking shape and inlay.”

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Shallow carving is done on marble so the stones can be embedded. After carving the shallow surface is coated with red earth which makes the details of your marble handicraft stand out. Later the depressions are filled in with white cement, which melts on heating.

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After that the stones or metals are laid in that space & surface is buffed and polished. Different craftsman performs different steps while carving a Marble handicraft. Because of taking care of every single step minutely, marble handicraft is a magical piece of art.

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Every single stroke on marble has a unique story and style which gives a royal feel to the artwork. And because of the beautiful combination of colors and texture, it automatically becomes the eye catchy handicraft.


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