Necklace according to neckline

Know How To Pick Necklace According To Neckline

Ever wondered even after buying the most beautiful necklace, it doesn’t look good on you. This is the main issue which you face many times, but ever wondered what could be the reason? The reason is very basic and that is the neckline of your outfit. So here are some tips which will help you in wearing your necklace with a suitable neckline.


Turtlenecks are the trickiest necklines. Mostly turtle necks are worn in winters but it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your style statement. As in turtle neck, your neck is fully covered and your neck is not visible so you can wear mid-length necklaces with it. And if your attire is traditional then wear heavy Kundan neckpieces of mid-length.

Turtle neck with Choker necklace, Necklace online, Traditional jewellery


The beauty of halter neckline is that it makes décolletage looks attractive. But you can break the look by not wearing an appropriate necklace. With halter necks, you can wear a choker necklace. Wearing a choker necklace with a high neck halter top/blouse will enhance the neck area.

Halter Neck with Choker Necklace, Necklace online, Traditional jewellery, necklines


One of the most flattering necklines is V-neck. Wearing this neckline in the right color with a proper accessory can give a sassy charm to your look. Always try to pair v-shaped necklace with this neckline as they enhance the beauty of neckline and avoid pairing choker with this neckline.

V-shaped Neckline with necklaces, Necklaces according to neckline, Necklace ideas

Crew Neck

Crew neck come mostly in formal outfits and always gives a classy appeal to your look. You can pair bib or collar necklaces with a crew neckline. If pairing with a formal then choose a classy without any gloss necklace and if the attire is traditional then go for a glossy necklace.

Crew Neck, Neck piece according to neckline, Traditional Neck pieces

Scoop Necks

Scoop necklines are the most preferred versatile necklines which look good in both western and traditional attire. You can pair both long length and short length neckpieces with this style of neck, but just make sure it does not hit below your bust line.

Scoop Neck, Neckline with Neck Piece, Neckline tips

Strapless Neckline

One should be very choosy and smart while picking any neckpiece for a strapless outfit. The strapless outfits look their best when paired with choker kind of necklaces. You can experiment with different style and colors of choker according to your outfit.

Choker with strapless neckline. Neckline ideas according to different necklace, Neckline tips

Off- Shoulders Necklace

The off-shoulder neckline is the new trend. Off-shoulder dresses look the best when paired with asymmetric necklaces. You can choose from a stone studded or can keep it light with boho style neckpiece. Long chains with larger pendants will look great on these styles of necklines.

Off-shoulder neckline with choker necklace, Traditional style with western outfit, Necklace Ideas

Collar Necklace

Collar shirts are usually one of the formal outfits which are preferred by every working woman. To look your best while wearing these outfits, opt for a short pendant. And for an adventurous charm, you can wear a choker necklace also.

Formal Look, Collar neckline with neck piece, Formal Attire


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