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Know How Thewa is An Exquisite Craft Of Rajasthan

In India every state has its own culture and its own exclusivity. Just like that Rajasthan has its own hand-crafted arts. Although with time many of the arts are vanishing, but some of the art is becoming popular day by day. And one of those art forms is Thewa. This is the only art of jewelry making that reflects the traditional culture and historical backdrop of Rajasthan in its motif and crafting. The journey of Thewa jewellery is as incredible as the war history of Rajasthan.

How Thewa is incredible handicrafts of Rajasthan…

The delicateness in making is the prime factor that makes it classy piece of jewellery. The whole process involves embossing of an intricately worked-out sheet of precious metal on a melted glass surface. And the traces of this art can be traced back to 400 years. This art still has its ground at its original place Prtapgarh.

Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Art of Rajasthan

History of Thewa art…

Every art form in India has a cultural context which can be seen in the designs of that particular art. Just like that its origin can be traced 400 years back when the rulers of Pratapgarh gave a land grant to the families of the artisans practicing the craft. And from that period this place has become the main hub of this art.

It is also said that initially this craft was practiced by Bengali artisans, but because of not skilling this art form perfectly they moved to new art. Hence later, this art was purely done by skilled artisans of Pratapgarh. Earlier women were not taught about this art as the artisans do not share their skills with anybody.

Thewa Necklace, Rajasthani Art, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery

The unique making process…

The word Thewa is derived from local dialect ‘Tharna’ which means hammer. And the whole process mainly includes beating of metal. The initial process includes the treatment of glass by heating. It is heated up to that point where it becomes a glossy liquid. After the liquid is prepared it is molded into desired base.

 Rajasthani Handicrafts, Traditional Jewelry, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Thewa Jewelry

Then comes the main process; after that, the detailed work is done on that structure. Mostly the metal surface is beaten into thin sheets according to desired motifs and then are given a base of that glass mold. The motifs usually include peacocks, Rajputana designs, leaves, floral designs, etc. The whole process took approx one month.

Wonders of Thewa

This art can be seen in many forms but most popular is Jewellery. The specialty of these style of jewelry is its unique and colorful designs. With intricate detailing, they are versatile to wear and best for a classy look. Starting from small pendant to big Rani Haar you will find everything.

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Thewa Necklace

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