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Know How These 9 Famous Indian Paintings Started

India is a colorful culturally rich country. This culturally diverse country is concise of various forms of art. From ancient times different art form depicts diverse culture. But ever wondered how Indian Paintings were started. All around the globe art is a form of expression. Some started because of need and some started because of spiritual needs. Take a stroll down to read how these famous arts initiated and get renowned worldwide.

Kishangarh Painting

The era of Kishangarh painting began from the ruling period of Savant Singh (r. 1748–1758). In these styles of Indian paintings, you will see mostly images of Rajasthani women dressed up in traditional attire. It is because of Savant Singh’s romance with a singer and concubine, Bani Thani. And after that most of the paintings depicts the love chemistry between two of them.

Kishangarh Painting, Indian Paintings, Paintings Of India


Tanjore is a classic south Indian painting which is named after the town Tanjore. Also known as Thanjavur, its inspiration comes from Vijayanagara Rayas. As at that time the different art forms like classical dance, music, literature, and singing were seeding and from this art form was patronize. At that time the Hindu religion was majorly followed. So in this style of painting, you see mostly god and goddess.

Tanjore paintings,Tamilnadu


The story behind Pichwai Paintings revolves around lord Shreenath Ji. Its origin can be found from the 16th century. Originally these paintings were drawn to decorate the temple of Lord Shreenath Ji in Nathdwara. They were painted on a piece of cloth and that cloth was hanged behind the statue of a deity. In these paintings, you will see different seasons and celebrations of Lord Shreenath Ji.

Pichwai Painting, Paintings of Rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Indian Paintings


Madhubani Paintings were discovered during an earthquake in 1934 at Bihar. It is said that its origin can be found in Ramayan Kaal also. King Janaka asked an artist to capture his daughter Sita’s wedding to Prince Rama. In these paintings, you will see stills of Ramayan Kaal. Also known as Mithila Paintings these are very pretty paintings with classy detailing. 

Mithila Painting of Bihar
Mithila Painting


The name of these paintings speaks for itself. Miniature paintings originated in India around 750 A.D when the Palas ruled over the eastern part of India. Initially, these Indian paintings were done on palm leaves so the designs were kept minimal. In India, it was first introduced by Akbar. Later on, the artists used to draw on palm leaves so when it has drawn on paper the size remained the same and it is followed to date.

Indian Folk Painting, Miniature painting, Paintings of India


Kalamkari paintings were originated when the process of telling the tale transformed into drawings. It is also stated that the sample of these Indian paintings can be traced to the sites of Mohenjo-Daro. These paintings were drawn to tell a tale. So, most of the kalamkari paintings depict a theme or a tale.

Kalamkari Paintings, Handicrafts of India, Indian Culture, Art Of India


Kalighat Paintings is one of the most famous Indian Paintings which are dated back from the 19th century. These paintings were named after Kalighat Kali Temple of Calcutta. The artists lived near this Kalighat temple and use to draw divine Kali in there paintings so this was how these were originated.

Kalighat Painting the painting art of kolkata
Kalighat Painting


Gond Paintings are devoted to nature. These styles of Indian paintings are practiced by one of the largest tribes in India with whom it shares its name. Around 1400 years before the Gond community started to imitate nature in their paintings for decorating their homes, and this how it started.

Gond Painting,Tribal Painting,Traditional tribal painting


Patachitra is one of the famous Indian paintings which are based on Hindu Mythology. Originated at Odisha these paintings are inspired by Jagannath culture. The artist draws this art on cloth and showcases the divine vibe of Hindu Gods and Goddess. And till that time the theme of this painting is still the same.

Pattachitra style of painting odisha

The origin of paintings can be found from ancient periods or can say from early age time. Initially, when there was no source of communications this was the only medium how things were communicated. Later on, this different style of Indian paintings becomes a major part of home décor.

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