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Know 5 Postures of Buddha Statue and their Holy Benefits

The Buddha Statue are the divine love of many people and a matter of curiosity for those who involves them in their home decor. The statues come in various poses and hold different significance of the particular mudra so it is advised to choose wisely. You can choose from the below five mudras and can know how where to place these figurines.

Earth Buddha Statue:

This Mudra of Buddha Statue is also known as calling earth to witness, In this Mudra, the statue sits on the ground. This position honors the time when Buddha was repeatedly tempted by demon Mara but resisted and finally reached enlightenment. You can place this style of mudra of Lord Buddha statue at any place of your home.

Earth Buddha Statue, Brass Buddha Statue, Deocrative Brass statues, Metal Art
Earth Buddha Statue

The Buddha statue of this mudra strengthens your dedication and increases your concentration. You can make it place at your workspace in North direction. You can also place it in your study room to make the environment stress free. When placing it in the home you can choose from Buddha brass statues, which you can buy online.

Meditating Buddha Statue:

This is one of the most peaceful mudras of Lord Buddha in which the eyes are closed and Lord is in meditating position. Those who wish to improve their own meditation skills or seeking peace and calm in their lives can place this Buddha statue in their home. You can make it place in the empty space of your home where you meditate or can place it in your spiritual room where you sit and calm yourself.

Meditating Buddha Statue, Brass Buddha Statue, Decirative statues, Metal Art
Meditating Buddha Statue

Blessing Buddha Statue:

Another mudra of Lord Buddha is blessing position, in which his one hand is in air and palm facing the front. Basically, this pose depicts Buddha bestowing fearlessness and compassion. You can place this kind Buddha figurine in your living area, in your work area reception or in your entry way. You can also place it,  inside or outside of your home and can place it that area where you need the blessings more.

Blessing Buddha Statue, Brass Statue, Metal Art, Decorative Statue
Blessing Buddha Figurine

Smiling Buddha Statue:

Smiling Buddha Statue can be placed anywhere and you can gift to any of your friend or relative who is starting a work or business. The smiling Buddha Figurine is a symbol of good luck which brings positive energy. There are many figurines from which you can choose, like only face brass sculpture. Make it place in your entryway where you welcome guest, or place it in that position where the face of Buddha figurine is facing the entry door of your home.

Smiling Buddha Figurine, Brass statues, Brass Handicrafts, Metal Art
Smiling Buddha Figurine

Recline Buddha Statue:

The recline mudra of the statue depicts the transitions from life to death, and if you are also in a transition period this is a good choice. You can place sleeping Buddha brass statue in your sleeping area or in your bedroom. By placing this figurine in your resting area you invite calmness and peace in the environment. And also avoids stress in the environment. And if you in the life-changing period, then make it place in the west sector to ease the transition period.

Sleeping Buddha Figurine, Brass stautue, Decorative statue
Sleeping Buddha Figurine

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