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Know 3 Very Famous & Interesting Handicrafts Of Banaras !!!

Banaras also was known as Varanasi is a city full of culture, chaos, and surprises. The myth of about this city is that it has been created from a single drop of Ganga that fell from Lord Shiva’s matted locks. Banaras has a bucket full of things to offer the visitors. With respect to the spiritual side of Varanasi, Handicrafts of Banaras are also world famous. Take a glance of three very famous Handicrafts of Banaras.

Banarasi Silk:

Banarasi Silk has its own hidden story which is mentioned in Rig Veda. This exclusive handicraft of Banaras. The Banarasi saree weaving is an intricate craft. Firstly the design is created on paper then traced on the fabric. These motifs and designs are known as also called as naksha patra. It takes few weeks to several months to weave a Banarasi Saree. The motifs and designs on the sarees give a glance of truly traditional designs which were used earlier also.

Banarasi Handicrafts, Handicrafts of India, History Bite
Banarasi Handicrafts

Carpet Weaving:

Initially, the art form was introduced by Mughals, but later it becomes an integral part of Handicrafts of Banaras. A leading carpet manufacturer Iqbal Badri started this technique centuries ago. Persian master weavers passed through Bhadohi, a village that is 45 km from Varanasi, and they brought the first loom to India and created the first carpet in the country.

Later this becomes the major hub carpet weaving. Weavers swiftly knot carpets, entirely by hand, using a colored pattern as a guide. The motifs are generally inspired by local flora & fauna and traditional Mughlai Designs. Crafted exclusively these hand-woven carpets are the beauty of handicrafts.

Handicrafts Of Banaras, Handicrafts of India, Indian Art & Crafts
Handicrafts Of Banaras

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Glass Beads:

The starting of glass beads can be traced back to Indus Valley Civilizations. But over the time it got diminished; Later this art was picked up in Varanasi and becomes an integral part of Banarasi Handicrafts. These glass beads creations can be seen on many things like fabrics, jewelry, wall hangings, boxes etc.

Banarasi Glass Beads, History Bite, Handicrafts Of India
Banarasi Glass Beads

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