Kitchen Vastushastra, Vastu Tips of Kitchen

Kitchen Vastushastra- The Arrangement To Invite Prosperity

According to vastu kitchen is the fire element of the home. The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian home which is the source of our day-long energy. As while decorating the ambiance with respect to beauty the other thing which should not be overlooked is the Kitchen Vastushastra. So here is the vastu check for your kitchen which you can check while setting your kitchen

The position of gas stove as per the vastushastra :

Being the fire element in the kitchen the gas stove should be placed in the southeast corner according to kitchen vastushastra. While cooking the face should be towards the east, hence the gas is suggested to place towards east direction because facing south may lead to financial problems. And make sure there should not be any shelve just above the gas.

Position of gas stove according to Vastu

Placing of Refrigerator as per Kitchen Vastushastra:

For placing a refrigerator basically, there are four apt directions; southeast, west, south or north direction. The direction according to kitchen vastushastra you must avoid is the southwest. Keep your refrigerator one foot away from this corner to invite good fortune and happiness.

Placing of vastu accordingly

Position of windows & exhaust fans

According to kitchen vastushastra, there must be at least one or two windows. Whether it’s a large or small window it should always face in the east of the kitchen. And for ventilators, you can go for the southern direction of the home. According to vastu the number of air passage or ventilators you have more happiness and prosperity you invite.

Window according to vastu,


Utensils as per Kitchen Vastushastra:

Storage space is an integral part of the kitchen. Because storing food, grains, and utensils are the basic need of any home. According to Kitchen vastushastra cupboards are advised to be fixed to the southern & western wall of the kitchen. It is suggested to avoid east & north walls for storing purpose. Also, a clutter-free kitchen invites happy and positive vibes.

Placing of utensils, vastu tips,

Water in Kitchen:

For the water element, according to kitchen vastushastra the north-east side is always the best direction. Keep your water vessel and all the other water containing element away from the cooking gas. Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water so they should be placed in the north-east direction.

Sink according to kitchen vastushastra, Vastu Tips

Color of the walls:

According to Kitchen Vastushastra, one should always prefer vibrant colors. As the vibrant colors give energy and make you feel happy and rejuvenated. Choose colors like rose, yellow, green, red, orange etc. you can also go for cabinets of a darker color and make your kitchen look beautiful according to vastu.

Color of Kitchen Walls, Vastu Tips,

Electronic appliances as per kitchen vastushastra

In every modern kitchen placing of electronic appliances also plays a role in vastushastra. Appliances like ovens, heaters, and microwaves are related to light and fire, they should be placed in the east-south direction. These are the basic and easy to apply vastu tips for your kitchen which will invite peace, prosperity in your home.

Electrical Appliances, vastu tips

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