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Kantha Work – An Oldest Delicacy Of Indian Embroidery

Kantha is a popular style of embroidery which was originated from West Bengal. With respect to the style of embroidery, the origin of this embroidery is very interesting. The word Kantha basically means ‘throat’ is associated with Lord Shiva.

“The main theme of this Embroidery revolves around how Lord Shiva consumed poison while stirring up the ocean. And therefore the significance of this word goes all the way back to the Vedic times”

This embroidery is basically the running stitch which is simple yet delicate. Earlier this embroidery was used for dhotis, sarees, and quilts, but as the time passes it directly got involved in Indian fashion.

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Amusing history of Kantha embroidery:

It is one of the oldest forms of Indian Embroidery and its origin can be traced back to first & second A.D. The main thought behind this embroidery was to re-use old clothes by making them new with an interesting twist.

“It is also said that this work is approximately 500 years old. There is a myth which says Lord Buddha and his disciples used old rags with different kinds of patchwork to cover themselves with at night, and this gave the Kantha embroidery its origin.”

Earlier women use 4-5 sarees to layer them together and on that create different designs from running stitches.


What Kantha embroidery is?

This is one of the basic hand stitching techniques suitable for beginners, threading the needle up from the back and then down again. There are 7 different types of Kantha stitches; Lep used to make padded quilts.

Sujani Kantha generally used in making bed covers; Baiton used on covers to make it as gift wraps; Oaar used in pillow covers; Archilata used for covering mirrors which is usually colorful; Durjani, small pieces used to make the insides of a wallet, and the last kind is the Rumal Kantha which is used to cover plates

 Indian handicrafts, Indian Embroidery, Kantha Work

This embroidery has taken over the fashion industry presently. This kind of embroidery truly marks a flair for style in any individual who wears it.

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