Kalighat Painting the painting art of kolkata

Kalighat Paintings – The beauty of Kolkata

Kalighat painting is basically a school of modern art which was originated in 19th century in Kolkata, which was also the capital of British India. These paintings were mostly made on cloth or paper scrolls. The name of these paintings is due to its thriving settlement of the patuas around the temple of  Kali at Kalighat in Kolkata. Mostly the theme of these paintings is mythological characters which later evolved to civil life in Calcutta along with other secular and contemporary themes.

The earliest painting was done on cloth and paper scrolls which depict the scene of Hindu religious epic like Ram Charitra Manas. In order to enhance the customer base for their paintings, the Patuas moved to the urban center of the city. They moved to the area of Kalighat Temple as the theme for this art work was very appropriate. During festivals, the painters would create paintings with a special theme, which was also very popular with the temple goers. It is believed that the Kalighat Painting was originated around 1850 in India.

The paintings have two sub styles oriental and occidental and both are equally popular. The painting is done in a usual way like first been a sketch and an outline and eventually the filling of the motif. But, the interesting thing is the tools used for doing the painting. Hairs of Squirrel and Got were used to make brush which was used to sketch drawing. The black ink which was used in the painting was made using soot produced by burning an oil lamp under a pot.

One of the interesting facts about these paintings is that all the members of the family will be involved in the creation of these artifacts. Nowadays these paintings are famous all around the world. People of all around the world love and adore these styles of paintings in their home in many forms.

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