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Importance of Brass Diya According to Vastu Shastra

In every home oil or ghee, diya is lighted during or before any holy function. But ever wondered what the Vastu importance of lighting a Brass diya is? Lighting Brass Diya is an important part of all the pooja rituals in Hinduism. Deepak signifies the removal of darkness, which makes it an important part of every home. There are much more thing which should be kept in mind while placing Brass Diya in the home for enhancing the calmness and happiness in adornment.

Divine Brass Deepak, Brass Handicrafts, Diya Online
Divine Brass Diya

Importance of Brass Diya:

According to Hindu mythology, lighting diya while worshipping purifies the environment and induces positive energy in the ambiance. The Deepak has its special place in Hindu Dharma. It is a form of symbol Tez which means absolute fire. The diya is a symbol of light in darkness so before any holy function, it is lighted.

Traditional Deepak with Peacock Design, Brass Handicrafts, Traditional Handicrafts
Traditional Brass Deepak with Peacock Design


According to Vastu Brass Deepak should be placed in east or west direction. As the facing of God is in the east or west direction so adjacent to that you should place the diya. Also next comes is the numbers or quantity in which you have to take care of. It is suggested to put an odd number of flame in the same lamp like 1, 3, 5 etc.

Wall Hanging Deepak
Brass Wall Hanging Diya

Type of brass Diya to choose according to Vastu:

The type of brass Deepak depends on the place where you are keeping it. If it is daily usual pooja then you can go for regular size small peacock Diya. If it’s a holy function then you can go you some artistic Lord Ganpati engraved Diya. Sometimes for the purpose of decoration, you can go for some big sized hanging brass DiyaPlaces where you can keep Brass Diya:

Next thing comes is the places where you can keep. You can place it near a water pot to invite good vibes in the house. It is suggested to lit ghee filled diya in morning and evening time for inviting good health and happy energy in the home. At staircase or in your bedroom you can opt for wall hanging brass Diya.

Traditional Deepak, Deepak Online,
Traditional Brass Deepak

It is always suggested to buy Brass Deepak for all the purpose. Because the metal brass itself have holy significance so buying a Brass Deepak is a significant addition. With regarding brass metal, the intricate carving on the metals makes it look more beautiful and ravishing. When thinking for a decorating dive propose this brass diyas are the perfect option.

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