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How Water is an Important Element Of Vastu

Water is one of the five elements of Vastu whose presence or absence does affect the environment of any home. Water has a very powerful influence on Vastu because it acts as a huge energy generator. Any water feature or property may bring positive or negative energy. So, it is very important to know how and what to place for positive benefits.

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Direction according to vastu:

The first and most important thing while adding a water element is the direction. North, East and Northeast are the most ideal directions, in which you can keep your water element. Placing your water body in these directions will invite divine blessings and success to every aspect of life. But it is advised to avoid west, South or southwest direction as it will create disturbance in your life.

Direction of vastu in water element, Vastu importance, Home Vastu

Place according to vastu:

Next important thing is the place where you choose to keep your water body. Although there is only direction restriction, besides that you can keep it where you want. According to Vastu keeping a small water element at the entrance of your home will invite positive energy. You can place a water bowl in the living area, in the north corner of your bedroom and can fill the environment with calmness.

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What to keep:

Next thing comes in Vastu is what water body you can keep. There are so many things from which you can choose. For a living area, you can choose a brass Urli, as it holds a special place in Vastu. You can place an aquarium, a fountain, a small water vase, etc. Keeping water will not only invite positive energy but will also give a classy beauty to your ambiance.

Water Vastushastra, home decor

Material to choose:

Material is the other thing which one should be very careful about. Every metal has its own vastu property. According to Vastu earthen pots are the best for keeping at home. You can also go for Brass as keeping a brass is also considered very auspicious. Glass vessels are also good and divine options. But avoid using iron vessel or pot as they will give negative energy.

Water element,Home Vastu, Vastu for living area

Things to avoid:

According to vastu while placing water elements there are certain things which must avoid. If you are placing a fountain then never keep two fountains together in the entrance as it will give a negative energy flow. Avoid placing water element in the kitchen as that is the fire point and may nullify the positive effects. Water should be free-flowing. Flowing water symbolizes an income.

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Water is one of the most important part of any vastu. For inviting successes and happiness one must include water element in their home.

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